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need some instruction on footwork\angles


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Aug 30, 2010
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Could anyone have a list or a video to basic counters. Specifically against brawlers with haymakers that are forward moving fighters

Also using side steps and or.pivots to set up angles of attacks like if someones trying to clos distance on you.

any drills to.prevent you from covering up and doing nothing against a brawler with wide haymakers.
Lol this is what got me into martial arts, knowing how to defend urseld against the average brawler

first, the jab is ur friend... Spam it in his face everytime he comes near...

Then improve ur footwork, learn to back up to the sides instead of straight back
1-2-roll-2 and 2-3-roll-3 when you roll, add a pivot out to the side.

Have your mitt holder occasionally charge at you to engrain your "angle out" instincts and muscle memory.

Work straight punches off of brush blocks.

Make sure your form on your jabs and crosses is up to snuff- tucking your chin into your shoulder, rotating your trunk, and keeping your off hand up.

If it's kick boxing, teep early and teep often.
No more than 2 steps straight back,then angle off. Use the jab to keep him off balance and to set up other punches. As DR.Taco said make sure your form is good,don't drop your hand when bringing the punch back.