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Need some help with training


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Nov 17, 2005
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Hi guys , i need some help with my shedule.

BTW i'm 20 years old and live in the netherlands

boxing for 1,5 years , 5 days a week

But i want to compete in MMA and work on my ground skills

well i can train bjj at sunday , monday and wednesday an blue belt teach us , but i wan't to stick with boxing so i thaught i drop 1 day boxing and train 7 days but my boxing coach told me that i'm overtraining then.

so if any of you guys could help me out , i would appreciate it.


sorry for my worse english
Jouw engels is prima. In iedergeval veel beter dan mijn Nederlands.

You CAN train 7x a week - just not with full intensity because your body will need time to recuperate. You also need to give your mind some rest time so you can concentrate fully.

The best training is not always the biggest volume of training. If you push too hard too early, you will not get the most out of your sessions and you will risk getting injured and losing motivation.

Personally I'd train 5 days/week including extra weights & cardio.
You can work out every single day of your life. It's just how you gauge your intensity, that is the key. As judogido said before me.
Thx guys for your reply's

but i'm a big fan of wrestling also , and realy like to get good skills at ground for pound.

Then wrestling is better for me then boxing right?
Just because you are skilled at boxing, does not mean you will be any good on the ground because it it a very different world.

In MMA you will need to learn how to defend on the ground or attack on the ground - usually from a position of lying on your back or getting past someone lying on their back.

The best choice for this type of scenario is BJJ. Judo is also good, wrestling is good as is sambo - but none are as good as BJJ in this position.

I think MUAY THAI/BOXING best for standing, JUDO/WRESTLING best for takedowns, BJJ best for groundwork.
you can always switch it up...go boxing four days a week bjj two days a week then switch it up boxing three days a week bjj three days a week...you can really just do whatever you feel is necessary...ground skills are great but boxing is good too...everyone will tell you that you need to go this way or do this...don't do boxing cause you can do muay thai don't do wrestling cause you can do bjj but really if you get with a good gym you could do like an MMA night or free roll night and learn it all
sorry for posting again but you could also do what Bas Ruten did...he figured he knew how to strike so he just threw himself at BJJ...you could go over and do BJJ/wrestling and just box at home shadow box on ur free time...after a year and a half of boxing you've probably learned a good amount
Like the NIKE ad: "Just Do It".

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