Need some help with path of exile end game

Discussion in 'The Arcade' started by BjPenn2017, Apr 9, 2019.

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    So I think I've kind of figured out maps and seem to have a fairly good character to work with, but how do I go about getting him all jacked up? A lot of the stuff I find on the internet is convoluted and hard to understand for a new player like myself and the game itself sucks ass at explaining anything to you lol.

    I've been following a Duelist build and my dps is just over 12k which isn't a problem so far but I've been stuck around 6-6.5k armor and can't seem to get above that or find any gear to help me get above that so I'm dying fairly easy on some of these maps cuz my character seems to be squishy. I'm also trying to avoid maps with bad mods but doesn't seem to help much sometimes, all my resistances are at or over 100% except chaos as well.

    Do I just keep running lower tier maps and grinding for better gear or what? I haven't done to many maps or anything like that so I'm still learning everything.

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