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need some advice about schools


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May 19, 2004
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Okay so my contract is up at my current BJJ School and i am having thoughts about switching schools. One reason why I want to leave this current school is the way the teacher treats people, he basically treats people like shit and taunts them for his own personal insecure reasons, but still he is a good instructor. The location of the school is great and so is the schedule and some of the guys who train there are great guys.
The other school i am thinking about going to does not have as good a schedule as the one I am currently because the seem to train BJJ only 3x during the week at night, but they have a lot more students than the one i am at because they are more of an MMA school than a straight BJJ school like the one i am at right now, I don't want to do MMA I just want to do grappling so thoughts?
The schedule is VERY important, if you can't make the classes, it doesn't matter how good they are.