Need Help with Gaining Weight


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Jul 24, 2005
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My goal is to gain 30 pounds im @ 136 now.

The diet im on is high protein an carbs, Basically the advice i was given was to just eat 3 big meals a day an like drink protein shakes with the meals.

My calorie intake is about 2500- 3000 a day.

As of right now I dont know if its working to well. Ive been on it for about 2 weeks only gained about 3 pounds. Im wondering if i should incorporate weight lifting with it.

Any thoughts or advice that would help me reach my goal by Novembe will be greatly appreciated.. I want to start going to BJJ classes, but I want to go in atleast somewhat conditioned...

Weight lifting will help alot in gaining weight. Speaking from experience, I weighed 185 lbs, then I started hitting the weights like a mad man, especially working out the legs, because it's a big muscle and i shot up to 205 lbs.
Using creatine will help. You must lift otherwise it will not all be good weight. I would recommend 6 meals a day eating every 2.5-3 hours. Meals should be between 500-750 calories. Doing this my twin brither went from 135 to 165 in 3 months and was ripped.

Also you might want to research Anthony Ellis on the web. He was a skinny guy who competed in Muscle media challenge and knows a thing or two about gaining lean mass.
thanks yelm. I'll have to try some of that advice. Im not so sure i can put down 6 meals a day (i tried just couldnt)

Creatin is something i want to research more. ALot of my friends used it and got big fast, but the long term effects are unknown.
Creatine is not so much for mass as it is for allowing for longer, tougher workouts, so your routine is just as detrimental.

Also, in upping your caloric intake there is no "try" to do it. If you're what they call a "hard gainer" then you HAVE to do it. And don't just up your calories eating junk food. Make sure you know what you're taking in and what certain foods do in the body, there is a such thing as empty calories for people who have trouble gaining weight.
I just read this Anthony Ellis guys stuff. Good Read, im definately what you would call a hard gainer.

Everything im going to implement into my diet ( the new gram of protein for every pound)

Im not big into working out, so i dont understand what "free weight lifting" is. Is that just like doing heavy weights like Benching ur max. etc. ?

They say 6 times a day, an about 700 calories a meal. Ive heard the term a meal like the size of your fist.
What would a small meal consist of. A fruit salad an maybe a protein shake?
urban said to buy a watch meaning time yourself and every couple of hours or so to make sure you eat some good food.

definately need to up the calories and spread the meals out to 6

definately incorporate lifting ---------> use search button to look up some mass building workouts or go check out strength forum for help on lifting

figure out how many calories you expend in a day to further keep track of how many calories you are taking in compared to how many you are losing. Your goal is to take in more then you burn. This is generally speaking of course because as kabuki mentioned some foods only contain empty calories and that does nothing for weight gain. Eat McDs all day and wont gain a pound just a lot of pimples.

keep a journal of what you ate along with what you lift to keep track of progress

dont throw out cardio just eat more to make up for the loss in calories from cardio. Cardio is still important.

eat a lot of green vegetables to regulate metabolism. This is especially important for people who claim to be hardgainers
I need help gaining weight and my goal is to put on 30 lbs. I lifted weights for a year and only gained 5 lbs. No matter how much I eat, I never seem to put on weight. I am thinking of a fast food diet consisting of the following per week:

McDonalds Steak, Egg & Cheese bagel
Burger King Enormous Omelet Sandwich
Burger King Big Fish Sandwich
Burger King Medium Fries
Pizza Hut Pepperoni Personal Pan Pizza
Philly Cheese Steak

Sometimes the worse I eat, the better I look. Any comments?
Im wondering if i should incorporate weight lifting with it.

If you don't lift weights, the only mass you're going to put on is in your stomach. I guess if you're just trying to put on weight and not muscle you're headed in the right direction. But I guarantee you'll turn into fatty.
Thanks for the replys ppl. Im going to come up with a new diet routine. Ill update it so i can get some more advice etc.

6 meals an weight lifting is what im going to do.
how much do protein shakes help for hard gainers?

eating so much is really a pain in the ass...
krusher said:
how much do protein shakes help for hard gainers?

eating so much is really a pain in the ass...

I'm right there w/you. I'm at 140lbs right now and trying to put on at least 10lbs in the next 1-2 months.

Protein shakes can work if you are using enough, lifting, and keeping a consistent/proper diet. I'm doing an additional 2000 calories (104g protein) per day just by way of protein shakes. I'm trying to add more high protein snacks in between my meals as well. There are lots of quality protein bars that will add up 25g of protein per bar and nearly 300 calories. Your meals don't have to be huge but try and make things the day/night before that you can snack on throughout the day for the extra calories. When you cook on the grill, make extra for the next day. Chicken, steak, fish, etc.
Eat big. Lift big. Get a good lifting program and a good diet.

You have to eat and lift big to get big, most important

Gaining muscle weight is fairly simple to do, it is just that doing the simple stuff take a lot of dedication and work lol. Confusing concept..
The creatine will work for you, but make sure you use in a cycle (i.e. three months on, three months off or something to that nature). I just got back on the stuff and put on 5 lbs in the first few days. But make sure you drink plenty of water and incorporate lifting.