Need Help Losing weight!!


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Mar 2, 2005
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..I need to cut weight 15-20 lbs to be exact..I'm not sure the exact "chart" they have but I'm 18 turning 19 in nov..5'7 and I weigh 170..I wanna fight my smokers at 150-155..

..My breakfast doesn't start till 10-11 when I'm either at work or at the house..
..At work I'm 9/10 eating mall food..Panda Express..McDonalds..BK.all that shit..
..Even worse is when I get my lil "fat attacks" when I can't seem to stop eating..literally I can't stop till I feel sick..and I eat late night too..any advice would help
Bag your lunches. Or go to GNC and get a Muscle Milk RTD if you have one in the mall. If you must eat fast food get a nutrition chart if you can so you can plan your meals better. Eat mainly grilled items if available instead of fried. Lose weight with lots of cardio by burning more calories than you take in. Take protein to conserve muscle. If you have to gorge, gorge on lean lunch meats instead of fatty foods. Stop drinking soda or at least switch to diet.
If all that fails, remove a leg.
How is your training regime as of now?

As stated before, try to bring your own food to work. And why can't you have a breakfast before you go to work?
5 smaller meals a day at least. Get your metabolism going. You may feel a tad hungary but it pays off
Aren't there like 50 threads for this topic already? Why the urgency?
..I'm not going to training is total bullshit..I shadowbox for like 2 min 3 sets of 30 pushups and situps..10 mins of bjj..and watch pride or ufc for an sad I know..and to answer the question why I can't get a meal in b4 work..I drive not only myself to work but I wake up a 6 to drive my aunts to work..come back round my wife to school and my lil bro to school..have an hr b4 wrk..then I get to wrk..managing a footlocker wares you out..good thing I got a transfer nxt to sf state now my schools 3 blks down from ma hopefully my training will be better
Seriously, eat anything around 200 calories when you wake up. Eat again before work. Get some meal replacement bars or something from Kroger if one is near you. Grab an apple or banana at least.
DO NOT take finnegan's advise about going to GNC. They are the biggest rip off on the planet. I put them right next to Rex Kwon Do from Nepoleon Dynomite.
You might also want to consider taking fat burners. I had alot of success with Animal Cuts, and my cousin is currently taking Lipo-6 and says it's working wonders. Follow the directions on the bottle. You can find either online or at a Vitamin Shoppe