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Need good site for ordering gear


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Apr 15, 2002
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A co-worker is going to the US for a month and we arranged so I have his address so I can order stuff to it and don't have to pay for overseas postage.
What I need is a site that delivers within 1-2 weeks so I don't miss this window of opportunity.
I'm looking for Sprawl G-Flex shorts and a good long sleeved rash guard.
Reasonable pricing would also be preferred.
I was going to suggest Cageside, but he doesnt have any G-Flex shorts yet......
For the G-Flex shorts, I suggest you order directly from the official Sprawl site, www.sprawl.tv . They have very fast shipping. I got my order in less than two weeks, and we're talking international shipping here, so you should be able to get them in a few days if shipping to a U.S. address.
I ordered my G-Flex from MMAWarehouse and got them in 2 days. It was impressive.
I know of a company with excellent shorts, but their rash guards are only short sleeved.
If your friend gets there before March 16, you can get in the current deal over at www.budovideos.com , where they have new Kaizen long sleeve rashguards for $25 and short sleeves for $20. Don't really know much about the brand, but they have some nice fight shorts w/gi material that got some good feedback.