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Jun 18, 2002
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Okay I finally finished undergrad work so now I will be training bjj/mma 5-6 days a week. With school is was more like 3-5 depending on the week/workload while working full-time. With this schedule I had more time for lifting since I lifted on school days and I am lucky enough to have my own place with a garage and my own weights. I will not be doing any graduate work for at least a year so my focus will be on bjj/mma. My workouts during the last 3 or so years have been the big 3 and the variants in a 54321 scheme. I like this scheme, but with 5-6 mma workouts this comes to about 1 workout a week. I also cycle the workouts in a 3 day sequence. As the weights inevitably get heavier the workouts take longer and they become more dreaded. I am thinking about creating a routine doing days of 3lifts of 3sets for 3 reps, or 2lifts for 5x5 or 5,4,3,2,1. This will basicly cut my workouts in half which should enable me to lift at least 3 times per week. I also believe my workouts will be more palatable for lifting before or after bjj/mma. I guess this is similair to Pavel's Power To The People, but I think rotating lifts each workout (westside) will be more productive while keeping my mind and body fresh. Has anyone tried lifting in this abbreviated manner while combining mma? Any advice or ideas are welcome. Sorry for the length, but I believe it is important to be thorough on questions such as these. Oh and the goal as always is STRENGTH! I will keep the sport specific stuff confined to the mat/ring.
Sooner or later, HIT training will get you injured.

Sorry I can't be more of a help than that.
Babyphenom, sorry I am getting back to your response late (no access at home, just at work). I have a power cage/rack, 2 olympic bars, 600 lbs of free weigths, and a dip belt. Basicly everything I need. I don't really use dumbells much so that's no biggy. I would also lack to add a few more things but I'll acquire the rest slowly. I am really having a hard time figuring out the best method for my current state. I didn't even lift this weekend. It was partially due to hangover and partially due to not wanting to change my scheme in case I change my mind. I devised a 5 day three lift, 3 set scedule. This differs from my current 3 day 4-5 lift, 5 set schedule. The fact is that I still may only be able to lift once a week and if that is the case my current schedule would be better so that I can get more work done in that one day. The second draw back is that there will be more variants and the days I hit certain lifts will be more spaced out. I am not sure if this will be negative or positive. The last drawback is that I will be using most of my variants so that I will not have anything fresh to cycle in once I plateau on the big three (I like to switch to Sumo squat/dead as an example) I am leaning toward staying with my current plan right this minute. I could of also been a tad overtrained. The bottom line is that without school there is even more mma training so I am ultimately looking for a long-term plan to suit this new schedule to get the best results of strength and skill mix. Madmick I appreciate your response but I am not and will never lift with a HIT protocol. I hope that is not what's coming across.