neck injury while doing triangle on someone


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Jul 15, 2005
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basically i had a guy in a triangle (almost fully locked) he stood up to the point where i was on the back of my head and started moving around me really fast i tried to lock it in more and he pushed down/forward causing all his and my body weight to come down on my neck this happened to me a couple times before and today i ended up hurting my neck whats a good way to prevent that (sometimes i'm able to reach their leg and sweep but couldn't this time...)
Hook and leg and don't let them stand up / let go
Like he said, as you kick off the hip to get the turn also hook the leg with your free hand... Use the other hand to close the triangle if necesary and then use that same hand to keep the arm tight to the body. If he gets his arm over... Omoplatta.
so keep the hook on the leg the entire time while doing the triangle?
grabbing a leg would prevent him from standing up usually though if the triangle is completely locked in he shouldnt be able to stand if i dont have the triangle locked in by the time a dude goes to stand up i let go as it becomes harder and harder the farther away they are
FStep said:
so keep the hook on the leg the entire time while doing the triangle?
As your closing it... The arm he has stuck in the triangle should be pointing at the leg you are going for...
Close it and reach. for the leg.. Then if you need to rescure the triangle tighter after you have the leg with one arm.. Once you have it sunk they wont be able to stand up you can let the leg go.. but by then they are probably tapping.
move your upper body to avoid being stacked hard, grab a leg if he goes to stand up. try to stretch him out so he can't stand up.
start "walking back" on your shoulders when he starts to stand up. it makes it hard for him to get his hips under him > hard to get the leverage to stand up. i like this much better than hooking the leg.

i kinda disagree with a lot of people posting above that hooking the leg stops the stack. it stops the slam, but imo it doesnt do shit to keep them from stacking as hard as they want. they can put all their weight on the leg you are hooking, grab your gi collar with the free hand on that side, and start stacking and walking around to escape. but its a good setup for the sweep and to transition to armbar as well. also, if you are angled a lot when trying to actually apply the choke (read: you already close your triangle and are trying to finish the deal) its hard to get the triangle tight enough to get the submission - at least thats been my experience.
if he is getting you that far up as others have said,

let go

try to hook the leg and keep him from standing up. Or if you have no other options, do a partial situp and put your shoulders where your neck would be. But that is the last resort.

also, I like to use a pull over when it's locked on. Basically push down with whatever leg you are using to close the triangle and lif your opposite hip and try to get a mount triangle.