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Neck cranks and manipulations

Probably not too much.

A lot of the chokes found in BJJ are close to neck cranks. The guillotine choke, for example, can be easily turned into a neck crank.

I think that if you have a solid BJJ foundation, you should have no trouble adding neck cranks to your game if you feel the need.

Leglocks are completely different though. If you are not training with leglocks, you have a huge hole in your game.
any bjj tournament , brown to black belt level is 80% leglocks. it seems that as soon as it
I like neck cranks, not only do I see them as a useful weapon but I find that training and defending against them really helps me strengthen my neck, just like any other sub if you dont train it your more likely to get caught with it.

But I've got to agree with Balto that not doing leglocks would be way worse and coming from a background of Sambo i just don't understand how other arts ignore them to such an extent.
The problem with neck crancks is they often don't really hurt until afterwards, when you cant move your head. That is why they are usually not taught to beginners.
DonkeyKong said:
any bjj tournament , brown to black belt level is 80% leglocks. it seems that as soon as it
A lot of neck cranks are "meathead" (all power, no technique) moves, and work better to set up passes and such then as actual subs against a skilled opponent. Many tourneys ban them.

Still, you should at least toy with them to have them in your arsenal, and keep yoru opponent guessing.
many of the bigger guys do it to me,

my neck is in mucho pain right now,

I put tiger balm on it, and do light neck exercises and stretches so the blood can flow
in and heal quicker, REALLY SUX,
you guys are jerks man!!!
My neck is pretty fucked, so you can pretty much tap me by touching my neck with your pinky finger.
Like someone said, one of the main problem with them is that the pain often doesn't kick in until the next morning.
I remember one time I was being too much of a dick to tap to someone putting me in a guillitine neckcrank when I was in mount... I eventually escaped but afterwords I realised how much I was gambling with.. and how fuckin bad my neck felt.
Neckcranks are destructors and should be banned
Two guys (including me) has gotten injuries from neckcranks.
I got totally destroyed and got a prolaps in my neck (c6)
This was in April, and I still cannot run or train anything

cranks suck