Nathan Domigo/Moldylocks Had Two Encounters

Discussion in 'The War Room' started by Deleted member 491001, May 8, 2017.

  1. First, the pic with the bottle:

    Then, the punch:

    Mods feel free to merge thread, but I found it interesting that (to the best of my knowledge) we didn't discuss them having two encounters in the main thread.

    Props to her for sticking in the fight even though her bottle proved useless during the first encounter.

    Slow day after the French election, so, discuss?
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    Yes, he punched her twice too I think. Good job.

    He is a PTSD veteran that got arrested for trying to kill a muslim cab driver when he had flashbacks from Iraq. As soon as he saw that girl trying to hit people with a bottle his instincts kicked in and boom.

    That entire scene is hilarious, there is that guy with blonde hair that I believe was trying to pull a Trump hairdo but it failed during the riot, a bunch of Jesus will save you guys jumping on an Antifa, a black guy(or girl?) with a bat going in to help the Trump group vs the antifa and lots of other interesting bits.

    It also appears it's george soros with a MAGA hat on your pic.

    I timestamped that video for your enjoyment. It starts with the national socialists(lol) attacking the communists.
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  3. You might be onto something:

    I'll check out the video a little later, thanks!
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    Nathan Domigo did nothing wrong
  5. Clearly saw her brandishing a weapon earlier so makes sense he didn't pull his punch.
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    her boyfriend got his ass whooped too

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