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Nate Marquardt willing to fight GSP to unify belts?

if gsp wins, does he get to keep the strikeforce belt? if not, what difference does it make?
NM looked real good in his last fight at WW. I would like to see him against Kos.
I think Hendo gave Rampage his PRIDE belt. Maybe last year, there was a youngster on Sherdog who plays internet video games with Rampage and I think he was at Rampage's house and took pics of the belts on his mantle.
I think it should happen. Provides a viable new matchup for the ww title for gsp.

It unifies into the UNDISPUTED UFC (add weight division here) Championship. I would LOVE to see GSP vs Marquardt. Would be a great fight. We first have to see how Marquardt does against Saffiedine later this month.
i think dana will punish nate when he comes to the ufc - he will probably give him hendricks
Nobody really knows or cares about the strikeforce belts, I say that as a Diaz and Overeem fan.

More people will remember him as the guy that got embarrassed and wrecked by Anderson.
Diaz was the multiple time champ and "lost" to condit, GSP beeat Condit

Not sure why you put the word 'lost' in quotations. Condit beat Diaz fair and square. Stop crying.