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Feb 2, 2008
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I was wondering what the overall opinion was on this product. I have (2) 180 ct bottles and I took 2 days worth about 6 months ago. This supplement gave me flushed skin due to the Niacin in it I believe, made me itch and feel on fire. Does anyone know if this is normal? Will it go down once my body gets used to it? Are the results worth even taking it for? Thanks for the help and advice
Anyone? I really don't want to waste all these pills. Someone has to have some experience with this product
Yeah, people on this forum aren't big fans of Muscletech. For the price I think their products are big ripoff. However, I have talked to people who love their stuff. I don't get an in between opinion whenever it comes to their stuff. It's usually people love it or hate it.

I would suggest using it if you have it. One of my buddies takes NANO Vapor and he loves it. I can't imagine the pills would be that much different.
Thanks, I looked for any NANOx9 comments before posting. Also I am not a big Muscletech fan myself (too expensive for what you get) But I got these bottles as a deal ($60.00 for 2)