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Mar 27, 2008
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My goal for myself is to maintain my absolute best speed and endurance while also being a strong, big guy. I plan on doing this by alternating cardio, anaerobic exercise, circuit training, and standard weight training, throughout my schedule.

I will have 3-4 weight sessions a week, all working the same base routine, alternating workouts get deadlifts, so I may end up doing deads twice a week. My weight training regiment consists of (in pounds)

5x5 Bench press- weight 135 or 145
5x5 Squat- 145
5x5 BOR- 96
1x5 DL- 195
3xFailure Pullups
3xFailure Dips or push-ups
3xFailure modified Hanging pike*
3x5 Overhead press- 85


After my basic workout I will end up isolating different muscles or targeting something else, or trying new exercises, anything really.

To improve my anaerobic and short cardio, I have a circuit set-up that almost makes me cry.
I start off with 15 1-2 sprawls or pushup burpees, then I do 30 sledgehammer swings on a log, then I move to a flat log, its pretty much a box, I jump on and off side to side 10 times, then I'll finish with 1-2 sprawls or burpees.

I also will use HIIT to get a good cardio base. I jog 150 meters one way then balls-out sprint back. When I workout at school I will do this on the track, sprinting the straightways, jogging the bends, usually for a mile and a half. When I run the 150m length I just go until I'm tired.

I run competitively with JROTC, and no workout routine for me can be complete without distance running. I try to change up whether I'll do <2 at a fast 6.5 minute mile pace, or if I'll go for >3 at a 7-8 minute mile pace. This varies with my schedule.

I will log all of my progress and my workouts everyday, even my rest days. I won't be able to keep on a rigid schedule, because of issues with school, competitions, etc. , so I will keep flexible and reasonable. If I'm feeling up to it, I will start tomorrow, which is Monday the 21st of April.

I'm doing this for a personal reason. Throughout middle school I started gaining weight, not seriously, but it added up. I wasn't healthy, at all, and entered high school a fat 212 pounds. I joined JROTC that year, and found out about their Raider team, which is pretty much track and field for JROTC. I started going to practices, and left school that year at 195 pounds, with barely any muscle.
I came back sophomore year a lean 170 pounds being able to run my 2-mile in 14 minutes, and passing the push-ups and sit-ups of the Army Physical Fitness Test (which is in my sig.) I want to become commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Army after college ROTC, and become Ranger and Airborne qualified. I've set these goals, and I believe this log will help me keep my physical standards up to par, if not over, and help me be better at what I do.

I weighed myself after this race this morning, something I haven't done in a while, because I thought I've been putting on some muscle, and I weighed 186.5 pounds. Then I looked in the mirror, and I didn't have any definition in my muscles at all. Besides, I only started training with heavy weights just after January, and I couldn't have put on that much muscle that fast.
I might hear it for wanting to look good, but it's more than "showing off them gunzz" to the chicks, I hated being unfit, I hated not being the fastest kid, being the kid that never had chicks, I just hated that. I'm never going to be like that again. On second thought I'll definitely start tomorrow.
March 21st

I woke up feeling sore and sick, but I thought I should still get my workout in today.
After school I started on my weight routine, and got through my Bench 5x5 with 145 and 5x5 squat with 145, then I went to my other weight area where I do deads. I did a warm up set and knew I was gonna be beat soon, so I only did 1 warm-up and my normal 1x5 with 205lbs. I started on my BOR's but just couldn't keep good form so I stopped for the day. I did do 1 circuit of 20 sledge swings, 10 1-2 sprawls and 15 burpees, but my legs were killing me.

My quads were so sore from 2 5k's yesterday, which I placed in both getting a silver in the road race and a gold in the trail race.

I might do some ab circuit training a little later, and maybe some curls and push-ups. I'm gonna eat light tonight.
You know it sonn.
it's how I live my life. day to day.

No but I'm pretty modest and unimaginative.

Wednesday March 23rd

Started off sipping my protein/carb shake on the bus ride home, changed out of my JROTC uniform when I got there, and started warming up.

I started off with my standard weight routine, but a little twisted around, I did 4x5 for bench and squat, 2x10 barbell military press and 2x10 dumbbell military press, 3x6 pullups (overhand wide grip, little rest between sets), 4x8 BOR, 4x failure dips, 5x8 lat pulldowns, 3x5 dumbbell snatch with 35lb dumbbell, 2x5 dumbbell snatch with 45lb dumbbell, HIIT jog/sprint, circuit training as listed above with 1-2 sprawls and sledge hammer, I worked the heavy bag for 10-15 minutes, and I swam and did some shadowboxing in the water.

Right after my workout I drank a milk/protein powder mix, then had some yogurt, a Kashi peanut butter bar, and a banana. Dinner will probably be toast and some other healthy food.
Just a tip... it would be much easier to read this if you list your lifts in a column... Example)
Military Press:
Today (Friday March 25th) I did a triathlon style thing just to see how I felt after it. I did

2.8 mile run
30 laps in my pool

I ran into the pool, I stopped for a brief second to rip my shorts and shoes off, cause I'd taken my shirt off before I got there, and wore my swimming suit (thick thermal underwear cut-off like vale tudo shorts)

then I did 3 circuits of ab exercises

10 regular crunches
10 oblique side crunches each side, 20 total
plank 30 seconds

Lately I've been really tired of weights, every time I lift, I feel weaker than I did before, and can't even complete my 1x5 deads with 205. So I'm giving it a week then will start up again, but instead of doing 5x5 will go for 5x8-10 for everything except squat and dead.

Sort-of rest day, hung out at the pool most of the day listening to music swimming and sleeping. Got back home and on the way there I noticed this big pile of farm equipment on my uncles land. I knew it was never gonna be used, so it was no big deal to take some. I took a long fence pole and put 2 cinder blocks on it like you would a weight bar, and walked it to my house like a chain yoke carry. I found 2 tires which I could use for sledge swinging but they were attached to a tractor frame and I'll be able to get it off when I find out how.
4-27-08 rest day, drove to Tallahassee

4-28 drove back and swam for a little while, worked the heavy bag a little

I ate alot in Tallahassee, and it was bad food, so I gained weight, and now I'm off junk food, this was my last splurge, it's just health food now.

Monday the 29th, I focused on strength and explosiveness.

135lb bench 5x5
135 squat 5x5
205 deadlift 1x5
115 BOR 5x5
3x6 overhand wide-grip pullups (I have long arms, its harder to do them this way)
3xFailure dips
3 ab circuits
2x12 preacher curls
2x8 incline bench
2x8 military press
3x10 lat pulldowns

I swam for a good half an hour with minimal breaks, I was trying to stay moving the whole time.
Worked the heavy bag for a little, worked on form only, mainly low or body kicks.
Thursday May 1st

bench 135 5x5
squat 135 5x5
curl 60 10x2
deadlift 1x5
lat pulldown 5x5
dips 3xFailure

I also did some conditioning work, I worked the heavy bag, and I went swimming.

Friday may 2nd

Today with JROTC I played kickball, and skipped 2 class periods to go play. And I'm gonna go hang around the pool for a little while today just to loosen up.
Saturday May 3rd
rest day- light cardio/ bodyweight

Sunday may 4th
Weights and cardio

I did cardio before I hit the weights because I didn't think I would end up doing weights, because my friend is fighting this kid tomorrow and I wanna be there in case SHTF. I ended up doing some tabata stuff, with burpees, then some HIIT sprints/ jogs for like 50m. I did a couple stes of the sprints then would do 10 burpees, repeat.

My weight schedule looked like this

Bench 135 5x5
Squat 135 5x5
OHP 80 3x10
Preacher curls 45 3x10
Dumbbell curls 45 2x8
BOR 105 5x5
weighted decline pushups 3x15
rope pullups 3x5
Monday 5/5
Rest day

Tuesday 5/6
I had to help my friend out who was going to fight this kid, just in case sometign bad happened.

wednesday 5/7 rest day

Thursday 5/8 basic weight training, looked like this

bench 135 5x5
squat 135 5x5
OHP 85 8x5
curls 3x10

and 5 minutes on the highest setting on the elliptical

Friday 5/9
Obstacle course with JROTC
Saturday/ Sunday 5/10-11
I was at the beach for the weekend picking up chicks n shit, walked around ALOT

Monday 5/12
4 mile run, light bag work and cardio

Tuesday 5/13
Bas Rutten's workout tapes, I did the full all around fighting routine, boy I'm beat, I might do some other stuff later though
Great log man. You've got the endurance conditioning all sewn up. This article may help with your lifting, as you've mentioned, you're bored. I think a routine like this would fit nicely with your goals. No more single plate bench and squat ; )

Functional Power Training for Wrestlers

I'd exchange pull ups/chins for lat pull downs. Change up your rep/set schemes. For your main lifts try alternating 8x3 and 5X5 on a weekly weekly basis. Something about 5x5 bores me to death. You may respond better working up to heavy doubles or triples for squats and bench. I did. Keep up the good work.
Wednesday 5/14
rest day

Thursday 5/15
Sparred wit a bunch of kids in a backroom of a library, i owned everyone, even kids who were like 265 pounds.

Friday 5/16
rest day, played softball with JROTC

Saturday 5/17
5k race, half of it in sugar sand did it in 24:44.
got totally shitfaced that night, almost killed my friend with a broken bottle

Sunday 5/18
rest day, recovering from hangover

Light PT
ran a mile and 5 bleacher runs

I've got no races anymore for a while so I'm gonna stick with a routine, 3 days a week I'll do weight lifting and 3 days I'll do some cardio like Bas Rutten CD's or HIIT.
thanks for the link, but its wierd, it only shows one workout day.
Tuesday May 20th

Bench 135 5x5
Squat 135 5x5
BOR 115 5x5
elevated push-ups 3xFailure

I was going to do dips, but the only place I can do dips at is my uncles house and he wasn't home. He lives like 500ft away from me so I'm not taking alot of time goign over there when I do.

I also did some very light cardio, and played around with my new camera.
Wednesday 5/21

Cardio and conditioning, pretty light, I have a new philosophy on what my strength training goals are. I want to get as much muscle as i can before the Summer, I will not get ridiculously big of course, but I have reasoning.
JROTC has a PT team, and evry year they compete in the Raider challenge with is a state wide thing and it's pretty much track and field for JROTC. The Army PT test, a timed one-rope bridge, a 1 mile litter carry run, land navigation and first aid tests, and a 3 mile team run are all competitions in this event. I want to get big and put on muscle and start training for this competition a little after Summer starts, because I will be holding Summer PT sessions. Once I start training for the competition I will have 1 day a week of maintenance lifting and basic strength training. This would be a sample of what my workout would be during the Summer.

day 1- 5k run sets of push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups
day 2- max effort push-up, pull-up and sit-ups, variations of them and conditioning
day 3- 2 mile timed run
day 4- 8 mile rucksack march under a 12 minute mile
day 5- rest
day 6- weight lifting
day 7- rest

in the meanwhile I will be following the 5x5 routine, with some extra exercises at the end, this it what it will look like.

workout A

Bench press 5x5
Squat 5x5
BOR 5x5
Dips 3xfailure

preacher/ dumbbell curls
rear delt flyes
elevated push-ups

workout B

Squat 5x5
Overhead press 5x5
deadlift 1x5
pull-ups 3x failure

weighted lunges
jumping squats/ box jumps
leg extensions
calf raises

I'll hopefully put on some muscle and put away some of this belly fat I have. I really do want to look good over the Summer too for teh chicks at teh beach. That's why I'm doing curls, I don't care what people say. I'm going to document my progress, with some before and after pictures




I'm pretty scrawny and could do with some toning, so here I go with my new set of goals.
BTW that is a scab on my shoulder, and the thing on my neck/trap is poison ivy medication. just how I roll.

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