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My Sherdog proposals for 2006



Just a few suggestions I have for Sherdog that may make life a little easier.

1. Hateland- Much like wasteland but full of threads like "Chuck is an eye gouging Nazi" or "Dana's plot to ruin christmas". Not all negative threads would belong here as many negative subjects should be discussed, only completely irrelavant, baseless, and threads with claims without sorces belong in Hateland.

2. Dreamland- Also like wasteland, Dreamland is place were what will not concievably happen in the next year two years (or ever) can be disscussed. Primarilly threads about "Pride guy vs UFC guy" and including topics like "WWE actors fighting MMA fighters" (including other actors like Van Dam) or "What if Royce fought current fighter while Royce was in his prime".

3. All posts with no more than 5 words do not get counted on post count to limit post whoring. And to limit the amount of "WAR Fedor!!!" posts (nothing against Darth Fedor)

Since the threads above rarely go to wasteland, I think these would be appropriate places.
Great post! I wish someone had thought about solving these issues earlier. Finally there is someone here that has some original thoughts. Also, adding a search function to help with repeat threads might be useful.
Proper "modd'ing" would make these issues not an issue.