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    This routine i constructed is to further develop my explosivness. I have a wrestling background and i have always been naturally explosive. However, i lifted like a powerlifter for years. Gained some weight( 5'7 & 220lbs) got old (30) and now my mobility and ability has slowed some. So, i did some research and i found out that you have to start lifting a little lighter sometimes but as hard as you can. So here comes my routine and please feel free to critique it,
    Monday- I developed a 6 round system. IT goes like this I start of with bench 3rep &60% i push as hard as a i can like i'm throwing the bar through the air, then i move to pullups i do 2 with a extra 10lbs as hard and as fast as i can, then i move to squat 2reps& 65% trying to come of the ground with my feet, then i move to clapping pushups i do 3 hard clapping pushups, then i do about 3-5 jump squats as high as i can, then i get my bungee and do 3 hard and as fast as i can double leg shots, then i pick up my 3lbs medicine balls and throw them as hard against the wall resembling a right cross punch i do 6 reps and then i do the left for 6 reps-this supposendly this will make your punch a lot faster and stronger. All of these exercises are done right after each other and they represent 1 set or complex.. I do at least 6 complexes. Then after those are done i do olympic movements. I do 2sets of 3 reps of 60% of hang cleans then i do 2 sets of 2reps &90%.. Then i do 3 sets of 3 reps of 65-70% power cleans to finish off.

    Tuesday- I do wrestling and mma drills and moves.
    Wed- repeat Monday's exercises and complex
    Thur- repeat tuesday
    Saturday-i do 6 sets of 2 reps at 85-90% on the squat. 6 sets of 3 reps @85-90& of bench a lot of heavy pullups then barbell rows some more back work then some heavy dips. sunday- i rest or do some mma or wrestling stuff.
    Then i rest another day then hit my explosive circuit again.
    What do you guys think? I think i'm covering the explosive strength, speed strength, and my maximum strength all in one week. I will try this stuff for another 4 weeks or so. Then i might lighten up for 2 weeks and then hit hard again.
    I beleive in basic compound movements. This all i have ever done. I think accessory is for the light weeks. I think you get more done and get more results going basic and going hard.

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