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My review of MMA Power


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Sep 22, 2003
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Hey guys. I just wanted to give my review of the website www.mmapower.com

I stumbled upon this store while randomly browsing for gear and google had it as one of the sponsored ads. The thing that got my attention was they offer free standard shipping to the United States and Canada so I decided to check it out. I did a quick search on the forum to check if they were a reputable company but did not find anything other than the thread that seemed to be written by an employee of the company.

So I decided to buy a pair of Sprawls shorts from this company on Monday. Theres no need for me to review the shorts as there are quite a few Sprawl V-flex XT reviews already. I placed the order around 1 p.m Pacific Time and I figured the order would be processed the next day. I don't remember what day the package was shipped (I was sent a shipment tracking number but I'm too lazy to look it up) but my package arrived on Friday.

Needless to say I was pleased with the fast shipping especially since it was free too. The store also is in New Hampshire while I'm in California. That is pretty damn fast and the plus is I didn't have to pay sales tax on the item either. Quite a few MMA shops are located in California (Budovideos, No Gi, On the Mat, etc) and also charge shipping which really adds up in cost. I was happy to not have to pay either.

To sum it all up, I am very pleased with the service I got from MMA Power and I will definitely shop there again. I only wish they carried more stuff.
did they ship via ups or usps? i want to buy from them, but i don't want UPS coming to me door and asking for more money for clearing the gear at the border or something. Do they have usps option? (I know its free shipping, but I HATE UPS).
wow free shipping? nice find

doesnt look like they pump up their prices too much to make up for it either
I've been talking with Bill from MMAPower because my club is going to make a big order of equipment soon (I am looking to primarily get a pair of sprawls), and so far, they have responded to emails within 24-48 hours, and are extremely well mannered.

These guys are top notch.
I ordered a shirt from mma power, came to NY in about 4 days - the price was cheap and shipping free. No complaints here.
Wow sorry I missed the responses to the thread. Well no one did respond to my thread for like almost 5 months.

Harvest, they used USPS to ship the gear to my house from what I remember.