My protein gives me the......


Jul 28, 2007
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shits and bad gas!!! I decided to try a new brand of protein, Maximum Protein, because of its leanness and pretty good taste. Well the stuff gives me really bad gas and the shits pretty fast. Anyone else use this product and have the same effects? going back to Gold Standard when finished with other.
It's most likely the sweetener in product. You can do a quick search online for "artificial sweeteners" to get a list of all the different types used, and then keep an eye on the ingredients in the products you're using until you find one that your body is not reacting poorly to.

I've had the same problem with many products out there. Personally I've found I don't react to Stevia, which a natural herbal sweetener. You most likely wont find this in many of the products on the market at your local G.N.C. You may have to go to smaller vitamin shops, or natural health food stores to find a protein with stevia as the sweetener.

Other than that, it might be easiest to go with an unsweetened whey or soy protein and then blending it with fresh fruit, OJ or juice.
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It's hard to get the amount of protein that is REALLY needed to grow. Trying to do it without using a protein supplement is financial and gastric suicide for most people......and for some, doing it WITH a protein supplement is the same. MANY, MANY protein powders mix, and digest terribly. If your current supplement leaves you bloated and unable to eat for hours how are you going to get enough protein to fuel the growth process? The answer is, you probably wont. If it doesn't taste reasonably good, mix extremely well, and go down, and digest easily, CHANGE IT NOW! You are wasting valuable time!!!!

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