My problem with Espn 2 boxing


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May 31, 2007
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My pet peeve is that they never stay on time within the perimeters of the time allotted. Its a 2 hour show thats always 20 mins over. Is this happened once in a while its ok but it happens everytime. You CAN'T start a 12 round fight with 35-40 mins left in the show. A 12 round fight will usually take 1 hour to complete. Don't get me wrong. They have the best boxing coverage and I really like the format of the FNF show and Teddy is great. Just wish if I set aside 2 hours every WED/FRI they could stay on time sometimes cause sometimes all I have is 2 hours to give to watching the show or I have to record some of the show and watch it when I have more time.
12 round fight is 48 minutes total.
i hate the fact that i DVR UFC/BOXING and the last fight goes over....i never get to see the last fight...and ESPN is always doing this B/S....
That is understandable. But live events always have this problem. You should have recorded the boxing even as well as the program afterwards just incase. I know it might be a hassle having to jump from one program to another just to catch the later part of a fight, but hey... At least you get to see it all.
I just wish they would show it in HD. Same goes with Shobox.
My problem with with idiots, is that there are too many with the ability to post their thoughts online.
how is it that it happens all the time, yet you havent learned from to record extra?
they must've missed the end of Kimbo Thompson as well.
Just extend the recording for an extra 30 minutes or an hour.
Why would it bother any fan for extended coverage?For me,i'm so glad that ESPN comes in my hometown to show a live event.I think they can extend their air time every time and i will only be happy
I hate the fact that when i'm trying to watch Pavlik - Lockett on tsn there still playing nascar
You got to extend your recordings for sure. I do that whenever I record a live event. Or if I am recording a shoe that comes on after a live event I extend it in the event it got started late due to the event running long. I have some other broblems with ESPN2 boxing but this isn't one of them.
It was on HBO...

Here where I live, theres no HBO available to non satellite subscribers.

It was on TSN in Canada.
Commercials and all, and Nascar ran long and I didn't get too see the De Leon fight.