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my new diet

yer man

Orange Belt
May 5, 2007
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I bought into berardis way of eating so any tips from the seniors would be great
7am 3 omega eggs spinach and 6oz wild alaskan salmon
10am muscle milk apple and orange
1pm either 6oz chicken ,turkey or salmon with green beans chick peas kidney beans and avacado (give or take) apple orange
4pm same as 1pm
training at 5pm 3 days aweek i scoop of whey in a gatorade 1 scoop of amino vital in water
7pm same as 7am
10pm muscle milk

I also take about 4g of fish oil and 7 GNC mega greens throughout the day

sorry forgot to add I drink about 4 cups of black coffee throughout the morning
I would reverse the 7PM and the 1PM. The carbs would be better suited after your workout. Also, you should probably ween yourself off of all that coffee. Maybe try to cut down to one a day.

Other than those minor adjustments, it looks pretty good.
Sam's Club man. A membership there is a great investment.

You ain't kiddin'. My wife and I have saved a ton of money and we get to eat a lot more meat. We've started eating a lot more steak since getting a membership there.
Hey guys way off the topic but whats with all the "Aussie death carriage" avatars? Not to sound rude but it seems that only americans have them?? I live in aus. and i just dont get it?:p anyone care explaining?