My loss, sounds like rocky story a bit (long read)


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Jan 30, 2006
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this reminds me of rocky 1 when he faces apollo creed and goes the distance, however i wasn't allowed to :(

50 mins before the fight i put my gear on, i was watching all the fights as they past by. All by people around my weight class. Each one i thought to myself I wish i could fight them, they aren't in my skill level. In back of my head however I've always wanted to test what I had in me, to have a losing battle but still fight, to see if boxing really is for me. Sparring is one thing but having a real match is a whole other level. So I was afraid of what would come.

I continued to shadow box keeping my hands nice and fast. Looking around I had the fastest hands around. I was throwing double jabs by the time a guy finished one. I threw quick combinations while circling without a problem. My friends kept telling me I had this in the bag and is expecting a first round knock out. I tried to keep myself in a reality check and said that wasn't going to happen and watch i would be matched up to someone far superior than me (which i kind of jinxed myself)

Then I looked at this guy next to me, he kind of intimidated me. He was taller than me, bigger than me, had gang related tattoos, and overheard something about him being in jail. I really hope i didnt fight him. Looking at him warming up didn't scare me as much as his presence. His overall hatred and anger was a bit too much for me as I have always been at the opposite end of the spectrum.

The announcer finally calls my name. I prayed to God and ask him for strength, and win, lose or draw I know he will protect me and guide my way (i'm a christian, well a "born again" christian, it took me a while but i found faith in god and has changed my life ever since). Then i look around for that guy, lets call him Joe. Joe was no longer was standing next to me. So i go wtf? and start entering the ring. I hear a couple of cheers from my friends. The ref comes by me and asked where is my coach? I told him I dont have one, im unattached. So the ref calls this guy who seemed pretty knowledgable to be my cornerman. Then after talking to him i turn around and the opposite side the ring guessed it, Joe.

After i saw him my heart skipped a beat. I was frozen, i didnt know what to do since out of all the guys i could of fought they placed me with him. This guy looked like he wanted to kill me. He didn't really want to tap gloves with me either. We got into our corners and the bell rung.

First round: I froze there, i usually work the jab, bob weave and get out and dance around the ring, but the ring was a lot smaller than what i usually faced people in (16x16). I just had a feeling he would crush me so i just stood there. He threw a bunch of jab crosses and i just took it, my gaurd down and just faught back fighting his war. Which was a brawl. I honestly suck at brawling. This is my worst. I can outbox someone, but brawling i can't win but still i fought his way. He hit 3 shots to my head which didn't hurt and the ref paused it and gave me a standing 8 count. I got mad and told the ref that i'm not even hurt so he let us continue. That is when he tried to go all out on me and I refused to budge. He threw a jab straight to my face again but i pushed forward and nailed him a bunch of times in the stomach really hard. He bent downward so I threw as hard of jab/crosses/uppercuts to the face then a right hook to the body and continued to do this. After this his anger disappeared and was more of a hurt look in his face holding onto his stomach. I then pounded my gloves together and yelled "COME ON!" at him as i was going in to show him i can take whatever he can dish out, i threw a cross but he ducked, then the bell rang

Round 1 break: I go to my corner, my cornerman asked me if i was tired, i told him not at all. I wasn't even out of breath so he didnt put the chair out. He kept telling me i won that round. I told him i didn't because of the 8 count, but he told me i won those trade offs and won more points off of it. Then he told me to look at him. I was standing just talking to the cornerman and Joe was keeled to the side holding his stomach out of breath in pain. So my cornerman told me to continue on with the body shots but protect my face more and that i hurt him bad, he has nothing on me. Then the bell ended

Round 2: I got a little cocky and continued on with the brawling. I was getting tagged though for every 2-3 shots i only got one off. I did my best to hit his body but I could barely see through his flurries. He tried to charge in so i charged in too so i could finally fight on the inside. He got me one good shot with a straight right which didnt really hurt but pushed me back but then threw a left hook to the back of my head when i was going down and threw me to the ground. The ref called it a knockdown. This was the most embarassing moment. All i heard was people laughing that i got knocked down, i wanted to punch the ground but i wanted to save energy. I got back up said i was fine, asked me if i still wanted to continue, i told him to continue im not even hurt or tired, and then the bell rung

Round 2 break: the cornermen put the stool out for me, i sat down and thats when my legs turned to jello. i think the cornermen was afraid that i was taking a beating so he asked me if i was ok, and if i wanted to quit. i told him i was fine and i don't wanna end this of me quitting, i'd rather finish and take a loss then quit (even though my entire body was telling me too after i sat down, my legs stiffed up drasticly). He told me only way i can win is by a knock out now, he gave me water and told me good luck and round 3 started

Round 3: This became an all out slug fest. A section of the stadium was cheering my name which i was surprised. Everytime he hit me you heard the stadium scream OOOOHHH and I hit him back and they said the same thing. It was a trade off of hit after hit. I threw all the power i had into my jabs and right hooks and it torqued his head but he threw one straight when i was off balanced and got pushed back and the ref called it there. 20 seconds before the fight ended, i look at the ref and told him i wasn't hurt, he didn't do anything to me this entire fight (which im pretty sure the ref didnt think so because my nose was all bloody,b ut noses always bleeds after getting hit in the face). The ref didn't budge and called it off. Afterwards i walked back to my corner with my head down. The cornermen asked how i was feeling and i told him i want a round 4 and 5 with the guy right now. Then cornerman and the ref talked to me and asked me why dont i have a coach. I told them i didn't have one. The ref said ya its hard to fight without a coach by yourside. Then the cornermen looked at me and grabbed one of his gym cards and told me he would be willing to train me for free, he saw talent in me and said i had heart and could do great with the right guidance. I thanked him for the offer, i might take up on it since he was a really nice guy and i mean hey, its a good gym to train in

i walked down the path and people told me i tried my best and it was a good show of will. All this cheered me up a bit but i was still pissed that i didn't even get to finish, let alone win. I go up to my friends and they told me I did good considering i wasnt a brawler. They told me it i never boxed the way i usually did which I could of won easily if i did that. Apparently he gased out 30 seconds of each round when we were brawling but i didn't notice. I told him how i froze after hearing about him being in jail and stuff so they were surprised i went on with it after that. Then they decided to cheer me up and have a small party at my friends house to forget the loss which i enjoyed heh.

so all in all, i lost by TKO, but i did get some good out of it, gym training, people telling me i got heart which i've always wanted to test myself in, and got lots of booze of it, and lastly i can eat :D, i lost 23 lbs and back to best shape of my life, and lastly i finally competed after a fear of my broken knuckle and quitting boxing, too bad it was against the only guy i was afraid of in the gym heh

oh well, more fights soon to come, as long as my parents dont get in the way

oh and pics tomorrow when i wake up, too tired to load them