My Kid Rolling With Ryron Gracie, Receives his Yellow Belt


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Apr 17, 2006
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Please bear with me as I still have to live my Jiu Jitsu dreams through my kids until I get more cash.

My son just received his Yellow Belt tonight and he's so exited and I must admit that I'm very proud of him for sticking with it this long. He's not the most athletic kid. He's 11 years old but he looks like he's about 13 or 14 so his coordination hasn't quite caught up to his size. Here's a video clip of him rolling with Ryron last week, basically being evaluated for his yellow belt:
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Here are some photos of him rolling with him the same day:

And today after he received his belt:
thats awesome, congratulations to you and your son.

did yr son tapped a gracie or i ddnt got it well? lovely kid u hv and very fortunate as well!
Is he tapping you yet? Congrats to your boy. You must be proud
Good Work to both you and your son! Hopefully he'll stick with it for many many more years!
Is a yellow belt like a child's bluebelt? I'm just kind of ignorant on anything that isn't your straight white,blue,purlple, brown, and black?
Is a yellow belt like a child's bluebelt? I'm just kind of ignorant on anything that isn't your straight white,blue,purlple, brown, and black?

Yeah, kinda. If you start when you're 8 or younger you get your white/yellow belt first. It takes about 60 classes to get 4 stripes on your white and then you will be evaluated for white/yellow after that. It took my younger son about 70 classes.

9 and up work directly toward their yellow and it takes about 80 classes to get your fourth stripe. My other son with 10 when he started and stince we only go once a week, it's taken him over a year and a half. To get his yellow. He's in the kids advanced class now and they spar at the end of every class, which is really good for him. He's progressed alot faster since he moved up to this class and he's having more fun too.

Here's how the belts work for kids:

white/yellow (8 and under)
yellow (9 and over)

You don't see that many green belts because there just aren't that many kids that start early enough to progress thought the ranks and get their green belt before they're 16 when they can get their blue belt.
Can i just say that i think your Son looked really good.He has started to show some great technique and is very worthy of that yellow belt.

I think he is going to get very good at BJJ over the next year.

And well done to you for taking him to a truly excellent place to be taught.I know there were definately cheaper options but i think
you did the right thing going to the Gracie Academy.

You should be proud of yourself for this gift you have given him.

All the best

Simon @ Carlson Gracie London
Hey man, congrats on your kids' progress, but you seriously have to get in there and start training!
thats awesome. big congrats to your son :icon_chee