My Guard Stinks


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Oct 16, 2006
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I totally forgot the knee-punch armbar from BJ Penn's book! :(


I'm the chubby dude in the pretty blue shorts.

Advice, please.
from ur thread title i was gonna suggest u wipe better
I wear extra thick compression shorts incase someone goes knee on belly...
It looked like you head control needs a little work. The other guy was just sitting there waiting for you to let it go and thats when he postured up and would pass.

Also at 2:18 you let him sit up in your guard for too long before sitting up and trying back for head control. You then rushed the arm bar attempt and thats when he passed.

At the end there you were opening your guard and not having really good head or arm control. Look at his posture also when he was in your guard. He was up tight and on his knees with his hips under him a lot. Might want to try and stretch him out a some to break his base so he can't posture up as easily.

Just my two cents.
you almost had that half guard sweep! (old school I guess)

good job man
Thanks Slithers, we'd gone over it a bunch of times in different classes, I think I failed to extend his leg I had wrapped up.

I can see everything you're talking about Krait, that armbar attempt near 2:20 was awful, I didn't have any type of control. Good point about stretching him out too, I think I slipped one of his legs back once, but I didn't stay consistent with it.

This was an intermediate match in a submission only tournament. There was no point system, if it went to a decision it was based upon aggression. They told me they gave it to me because I was being more active, but really I was just slightly less gassed then the other guy lol.
That sweep the Slither is talking about is a lot easier to do from the lockdown leg control as opposed to the tradition BJJ Half guard hold.

From the lockdown you can slide your bottom leg out to base out with and still keep the top leg hooked as you push into him

The other guy had defintiely been watching some Eddie Bravo stuff from the look of his halfguard game.
My advice, change of underwear and a good soapy bath. That should clear up most of the smell. If the problem persists it might be fungal or an std. See your doc:icon_chee:icon_twis
From full guard i would half to say (as others have mentioned) head and arm control. The main reason that your opt was breaking your posture/guard was that you did not have proper head/arm control. Of course always easier said than done.:icon_chee

Also i would have to say that you had minimal hip movement from the full guard...

But how cares...Nice Reverse at about 2:30!:icon_chee

Nice try on the half guard sweep. Ask your instructor to go over the tech with you again because you were damn close! All you have to do is clean up 2-3 little aspects of the technique and you will be sweeping people with that left, right and centre!
Nice re-guard out of the half guard...textbook! nice work!
Thanks :) I should have had that sweep, he gave me the foot but I need to work on establishing lockdown before I try and roll 'em. Fell back to what I'm good at, escaping to guard.

I normally attack alot more with armbars from guard, but he was being really patient and I wasn't aggressive enough in pursuing head and arm control. I was pretty frazzled from my first couple matches, though they only lasted like 30 seconds a piece. Gave me alot of things to improve upon though, and it was a good long roll. I came in 2nd out of 4 people so, I'll take it for now :)

Always another event though...
You need to create more angles from the guard! You kinda just laid back waiting for him to posture and pass!

Not a bad job though! I dont understand why he passed your guard then pulled you on top of him!?!?! He did have a nice Old School though...

Not a bad match I wouldve liked more sub attempts!
Stick with it man if you can get really good at passing the guard and defending your guard you can always be dominant in a fight. Breaking your opponent down is the key to having a good guard. I don't know what kind of training styles you employ. If you are no-gi, the key is to control the head. If you control the head, to a large degree you control the body. With the gi on I like to get double sleeve control and work my feet against the knees and the hips to create separation, but there are many options. You should stick with keep trying different things and it will come.
Thanks man. I train BJJ, and I do alot of guard work, but I'm more used to gi-grappling and aggressive pass attempts. I'm gonna have to work against a more moderated attack too. He kept grabbing the underhook when I got on top, I wasn't making enough of an effort to create space and get it back, instead I tried to sneak onto mount, wrong call.