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My first wrestling experience.

John Paul Borders

Amateur Fighter
May 9, 2008
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This happened earlier this year when i just started to wrestle at school. We had been practicing for a few weeks now and i was getting restless, and i finally hear that were going to a school to scrimmage against a bunch of other guys from different schools. i get there and think to myself "i can take some of these guys" and all like 10 of us line up to pick partners, only 2 at a time due to space (ther was like 10 weight classes sparring too) and i go to a guy and say "wanna pair up?" he says sure and we proceed to wrestle. And the guy just manhandles me. i mean he pinned me like 8 times in a few minutes. :icon_cry2
i guess i should have listened to my coach when he said "make sure you ask the guy his experience before you wrestle"
chalk it up as a learning experience. It's your first year don't sweat it, you might want to check out some camps for the summer if you are serious about improvement.
Dont let it bother you. It was good experience.

Just keep training and in no time you will be pinning people yourself.
That's good experience.
Ask people what "leg riding" is. As a jiu, I'm sure it will fit your style better.
if nobody lost man there would be no winners. dont take it to heart and the more you do it the more comfortable you will be. when i was in H.S. i went to a wrestling camp the summer going into fresh year and go tmy ass handed to me. it only made me better and so will your experiences