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My first little Comp


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Apr 24, 2002
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I just had a comp at MOKOMOKO Here in San Jose, Ca. Well I got third. But thats cause there was only three of us HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Anyway I found it so weird that I got gassed and nervous and ran out of strength so quick. When we are training I can work forever. I do half guard stuff I know like 5 submissions that I can actually do live. But I swear as soon as he said GO! I was already breathing hard.

I need some input...if i totally do cardio training will that go away? WTF.....Here are some photos I am the hefty fellow in the blue.


Sorry I all I could do is links....thats if anyone even looks at this
You need cardio, sure, but it was mostly nerves that got to you. After my first tournament match I thought I was going to pass out. I don't think I took a single breath the entire 5 minutes! lol

Keep competing and it will get easier. I had my 2nd tournament last month, and even though I lost my first match I felt a lot better. Not that nervous at all. I just got my ass kicked :)
nerves, anxiety

did u cut weight? maybe you might have done so incorrectly...
Yeah I know I never thought I could kick my own ass so bad...I mean I am sure I would have lost anyway. but next time I want to at least do more than defend the whole time ZERO ATTACKS
Yeah maybe it was nerves...I just ..I dont know it was so involuntary...like I couldnt help it at all...