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My First Grappling Tournament


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Jan 22, 2008
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I took home the Second Place medal in my first Grappling Tournament this weekend. It was a great experience and I was really happy with my performance. I had only been training with Gi for about 5 months and I just began to train no-Gi only a few weeks ago.

There were only 8 competitors in my division but I was still happy with adavncing to the finals and giving it my all.

-1st match- Win, Sub (Americana) 1 min...Clinch up, gain underhooks and perform a great hip toss to side control. From there I work my gameplan or attacking the arm for kimura/Americana/Straight Arm. I transition from Kimura to Americana a few times before I secure a great hold and he taps.

-2nd match- Win on points (10-0)...Cannot sucure my underhooks to work my Greco takedowns. I shoot for a single but I keep my head down and he clinches up a Giullitine. It was very tight by I stayed calm and escaped and I end up in his gaurd. I pass to side control and try to work his arm. I moved to mount to gain points. He gives up his back but I could not secure my second hook and my RNC attemp failed. He falls into side control but I immediatly replace to half gaurd and sweep him to mount. He turtles up for a minute as time expires.

Finals- Loss, Sub (RNC).... Niether of us could gain gain an adavantage standing and we were both very sweaty so our grips were not working. He shoots, but I defend. We stand back up. I shoot for a double and he sprawls. We both end up on our knees and I attemp to take his back. It was 0-0 and a very competition unitl my opponent performed a great wizzer reveral and took my back and caught my right arm with one of his hooks and I defended my neck as best I could. But I eventually tapped. I believe that I could have won had I executed my takedowns a little better and gained some points.

Overall I thought it was fun and I can't wait to compete again!
P.S. I competed after being stung by bee, to which I am very alergic to, and had to go to the ER directly afterward. My hand was the size of a ham by the last match.
This was at the Best of the West tourney in Long Beach, CA.

I competed in the novice (under 9months experience) men's HW division.
Congrats! I hope my first tournament is as great as yours. Keep up the good work