Muythai,Karate,Boxing,MMA,Grappling School in NEW JERSEY


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Sep 7, 2005
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:eek: any guys from new jersey that wanna train look up the realmartialarts and fitness center in OCEAN NEW JERSEY (
Sorry, I'm from New York. Wish I could get there. I'm looking for a grappling school to go to, but I'm from the Syracuse area.
Hey I live in Mercer county and train in Pennsauken. I am happy with where I am training, but would to roll live with some new people. Would your school be cool with me coming in on an open mat day just to roll? It would have to be a few weeks as I am doing the NAGA on Sunday and next week am visiting Balance gym in Philly. However I definatly would like to roll with you guys.
I just moved to Summit NJ and I had a tough time finding a school that had Thai Boxing (with Sparring) and BJJ with Gi & Ranks.... and guess what? I didnt find one!
The best thing was a Elijah's -Gracie BJJ- but its strictly BJJ. Then there was Florham Park's LA Boxing club - which has Thai Boxing but no sparring, and BJJ with no Gi and no ranks.

I guess that should do for now - any suggestions?
What gym is there in montclair? I'm looking for a good standup gym (mt/boxing/kickboxing) in nothern nj, passaic or bergen county.
Im from new egpyt new jersey,an im ive been searching for a good standup gym in jersey an its been tough to find a decent gym.My current gym i just use for conditioning and weight training there is a few heavy bags but its only good for stand up on my own.If anyone knows of any great gyms let me know thank you.