Muscle Milk

Yeah basically.
Gsoares2 said:
Is this as about as good of a deal i can get on muscle milk pre-maid drinks?

No, you can get it cheaper. My mantra is DPS Nutrition is ALWAYS cheaper.
DPS Nutrition: Cytosport Products
Only $40 here for two dozen of the 11 oz. cans. But I worked it out, and it's actually cheaper to pay $28 for a single dozen of the 17 oz cans:
11 oz. cans= 6.8 ounces per $1
17 oz. cans= 7.3 ounces per $1

Why would you get it premaid? Do you not have a shaker cup? Dude, those cost like $1.50.

The 2.48 pound jugs are $20 at DPS. There are 15 servings in a jug, and a serving from a jug is equivalent to a single 17 oz. can.

So if you buy them premaid, you pay $28 for 12 servings, and if you buy them in the jug, you pay $20 for 15 servings. Plus there may be a differential in shipping (maybe not with DPS, they're one of the mass-shippers like Amazon).

Why pay more?
Some people don't have the minute-and-a-half it takes to blend a shake or shake one up man. lol
I train twice a day and i need it grab and go and already mixed.
I have both. A can of the stuff and the premaids..

My schedual on tues and thurs goes.
Wake up
Go to jiu jitsu
Go to work
Go back to jiu jitsu.

I dont have a blender to make them at work, and they never mix up right when you shake them or stir them. Then you get huge nasty lumps of crap.

When i have the time at home i make them... its easier to just throw a box drink in my bag and be rdy to ride.

it might be cheaper by the ounce to buy 17 oz cans. but im just looking for after workout nutrition as many meals as i can for the order. Not bigger meals.
I found some cheap stuff at publix that is pretty good for afterworkout.
Its called Zoic. 11 0z cans

110 calories
4g of carbs
21g of protein
250mg of sodium (semi-bad)

Its pretty cheap at 1.25$ a can.

Its milk and soy protein. pretty good though and not to bad in cost. I might just buy up a couple more box;s of this crap and have at it since its on sale at publix

and its endorsed by the american heart association.
Zoic? lol You can buy a hand-blender you know. They're roughly 10 bucks.
King Kabuki said:
Zoic? lol You can buy a hand-blender you know. They're roughly 10 bucks.

Yeah ill plug it into my car charger when i get out of practice??

Its a convenience, if I am willing to spend a couple extra cents for it..whats the big deal? I told you I have both.

When im at home i use the tub and mix... when im on the go between school, work, the gym is use the little juice box style ones.. It makes life a little easier.

and Zoic is fine.... nothing wrong with it.

I guess its not as cool because it isnt named "Muscle ultra cell super tech protein XL!"
with a picture of Lee Haney in thongs sportin a hard on with a glass full of it and a milk mustache saying "its great".
No, a hand-blender is battery operated.
King Kabuki said:
No, a hand-blender is battery operated.
thats cool.. i havent seen one honestly. The hand blender i have you plug in.
GNC usually carries the battery-operated ones.
Don't get pre-made drinks. It's always cheaper to just get the powder, and then you have complete control over how much you take.
i just went and bought another tub of muscle milk.. Peanut butter fudge or something... Its pretty good.

I have a stock of zoic and met-rx lite cans for on the run stuff...

does muscle milk make a b igger dtub the the reg run im seeing every where for like 30$ its a 2.48lb tub