Muscle Juice: Any good?


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Mar 26, 2005
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I was going through looking to order some more muscle milk and came across muscle juice. It seems to be the same concept, good tasting shake. One diff...its a 1/4 the price(for the lbs)...Muscle Milk is what 28 a pop for 2.38lbs? Muscle Juice is 26 for 10 lbs!! Yes 10lbs. They have the same level of fats and muscle juice has more protein times 2. Im most likely going to order this tonight so if anyone has anything to say, let me know. It might be too good to be true. Heres a Link
Muscle Milk has 18g of fat per serving, but only 8g saturated fat. This stuff is pure saturated fat. The MCT's account for the saturated fat, so in this regard, I actually prefer the Muscle Juice formula since there aren't 10 gram of polyunsaturated fat that have not shown the potential properties of MCT's in studies (they're just reasonably good fat).

That's not the problem. The problem is this stuff is just a load of cheap maltodextrin added to the otherwise nice formula of MCT's and decent protein blend. MCT's don't work if taken with excessive carbohydrates; the body burns the carbs for fuel instead, and the MCT's are treated as regular fat.

As a weight gainer? Pretty good. As a subsistute for Muscle Milk? No.

Plus, you can get MM for $20 a pop at DPS Nutrition.
Alright thanks, ill check out DPS, ive heard good about them anyways.