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Mundine Vs. 160lbs?


SBC hustler.
Oct 4, 2005
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So Mundine is looking to move on down to the MW rankings, and i figured he'd be as good as any to discuss .

So how do you guys see these going and why. Some guys have moved up in weight already, but we'll keeo um on the list anyhow!

Kelly Pavlik
Jermain Taylor
Winky Wright
Arthur Abraham
Edison Miranda
Felix Sturm
Librado Andrade
John Duddy
Allen Green
Jeff Lacy
He got ko'd by Sven Ottke... I dont think his beard would hold up to Pavlik.. He's an offensive gem though.. he looks like he was born in the ring when he's on the offensive.. extremely smooth and lightening fast..I just dont think his whiskers match his skills
Hmm he'll certainly be shooting for a big name. Pavlick or Taylor and if he can't get them then he we fight another Australian. He said he wants the big fights but whether that remains to be seen is another thing. And by tough fights i mean fighting foreign talent outside of Australia.