muay thai question


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Jan 28, 2008
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hey guys
firstly, let me tell you that i know nothing of striking. i am just curious about a technique i see in muay thai.

alot of times when i see k-1 max and other kickboxing matches, i see fighters "clinch". in the clinch, one fighter throws [more like wrench] the other person down to the ground.

is that an actual technique? if so what is it called?

thanks in advance!
There is lots of leg kicks that basicly end up like sweeps that have fighters fall to the mat, in the clinch there is also many "spins" when your "wrench" there neck down and spin them so you either throw them to the matt or throw them off balance and create distnace to land a knee.

thats the simple explination, im sure there are more technical names for it all.
yup it's a technique actual name I have absolutely no clue.
toom tub chup hak....the techniques of throwing, clinching, grabbing, and breaking from muay boran

the grabbing and breaking part isn't applicable to the ringsport now, obviously
The clinch itself is called plumb