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Muay Thai product review-Windy, Ringside


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Aug 22, 2004
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Quick rundown on some stuff I ordered from Ringside and CSI this month.

First off, the customer service offered by these guys was good as ever, though I wish their website had real time inventory tracking to let you know when something you're ordering is out of stock.
The products:
Windy hook-and-loop bag gloves with open thumb- totally awesome, high quality bag gloves that truly feel like they are built to last. Handmade in Thailand, so remember to size up if you're not a small guy.

Windy Camo Thai shorts- They are listed in the catalogue and on the site as being nylon. They are not. Cotton thai shorts? Anyway, that bummed me out at first, but after several sessions of use and subsequent washings, they are loosening up and seem like they'll be fine. Still kinda bummed me out though

Glove dogs- Get some if you have any issues with smelly gloves. They work, and they are cheap.

Ringside Thai Style Heavybag-Filled- This is the product that was out-of-stock when I ordered it. Took a few extra weeks, but whatever. Super High Quality Hide, evenly padded and filled. Built to last. I'll have this thing for a long time. Stoked.

There you are, whether you wanted to know or not. Any conflicting reviews?
good review can you post some pics of the shorts?
Do you have a link for the "Glove dogs" I cant find them. Thanks for the reviews, definitally appreciate it.
Yea, I have been looking for some "glove dogs" (I did not realize they were called that) for some time and would also appreciate a link.
Ron, you da man. That is the best reaction to a better price I have ever seen.
How about $8.99. Ringside Bastards!!! lol, they really do have good prices on the Glove dogs.

I thought we couldn't compete for a product on these forums... oh well.. =/
I don't think this counts because it was brought up by someone asking if we knew where to get Glove Dogs so I said I carried them. Then someone else offered up a site that was a lot lower then me so I adjusted my price. The other site isn't a regular poster and neither Sprawl or Sherdog sell Glove Dogs as far as I know. So I think I'm alright here, if not then please delete my post. Feel free to beat $8.99 because at this point I'm breaking even.

This is what the Gear and Equipment Forum is all about.

Thanks Ron, you rock!