Muay Thai/MMA Academy's in Brick, NJ??


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Oct 30, 2005
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I had to make a thread on this. i love MMA and especially muay thai, and I'm dieing to learn and train, but theres f**kin no where to train locally so i figured I'd ask you guys to help me find reputable gyms that aren't to far that teach in these areas. Any help would be greatly appreciated
IMATC has several locations in NJ.
They offer Muay Thai and BJJ.

112 South Washington Ave.
Bergenfield, NJ 07621
Phone: 201.387.1811

321 Changebridge Rd.
Pine Brook, NJ 07058
Phone: 973.396.8256

160 Main Street
Hackettstown, NJ 07840
Phone: 908.850.6009
I train at PAMA, they offer Muay Thai and No gi well as Jun Fan, Silat, Kali, Jujitsu and other stuff. It's located in Princeton NJ...Flat Fee unlimited training...