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Muay Thai gear

Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment Discussion' started by snowolf17, Aug 29, 2010.

  1. snowolf17 Yellow Belt

    Jul 13, 2010
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    Anyone know of a good reliable website where I can purchase some good muay Thai gloves and other mma gear? Also since I'm pretty new to the whole mma scene I was wondering what some good brands are for muay Thai gloves, rashguards, and things like that, thanks
  2. ECS123 Purple Belt

    Mar 29, 2009
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    New York, and now Texas.
    * Fairtex
    * Nine Dragons Martial Arts
    * Fightstuff US or UK
    * KO Fightgear
    * Cageside

    Thai Glove Brands:
    * Fairtex
    * Top King
    * Twins Special
    * Boon Sport

  3. koatliki Guest

    Sorry to hijack this thread but for some reason moderator did not approve my post...

    I am new to MMA and I got some boxing gloves in my gym which I didn't open yet, but now when I think about it, it will be pretty hard to actually fight in them, because once you take the fight to the ground you can't grab on anything...

    Is it normal for guys to spar in big boxing gloves? I am talking about something like this: TITLE Boxing Pro Style Leather Training Gloves | Aerobic Boxing Gloves and Kickboxing Gloves | Aerobic Boxing & Kickboxing from Title Boxing

    And I was thinking if I get something like this it will be easier to fight on the ground? I am thinking something like this: TITLE Classic MMA NHB Open Palm Gloves | TITLE Classic MMA Gloves | MMA Gloves by Brand | MMA Fight Gloves / Grappling Gloves | Boxing Gloves & Boxing Glove Accessories from Title Boxing

    Or would this hurt my sparring partner too much?

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