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Movie Battles 2.0 #24: Reign Of Fire Vs. Waterworld


Turtle Power
Jul 6, 2009
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Reign Of Fire (2002)

Synopsis: It is twenty years in the future, and the planet has been devastated by vicious fire-breathing dragons. The last vestiges of humanity now struggle for survival at remote outposts. In a ruined castle in the English countryside, Quinn is desperately trying to hold together a band of frightened, restless survivors. As a boy, Quinn watched his mother die protecting him from one of the beasts, and is still haunted by the memory. One day, a group of American rogues shows up, led by a brash, tough-guy named Van Zam. He claims to have discovered a way to kill the dragons once and for all, and enlists Quinn's help. But doing so will force Quinn to confront his own frightening memories. This, and Quinn's responsibilities to those that are under his protection, results in a battle of wills between the two men. In the end, events cause them both to realize that they must work together to defeat the monsters--both without and within.

Waterworld (1995)

Synopsis: The polar ice caps have melted, and the earth is covered by water. The remaining people travel the seas, in search of survival. Several different societies exist. The Mariner falls from his customary and solitary existence into having to care for a woman and a young girl while being pursued by the evil forces of the Deacon.

Kevin Costner actually brings the heat in Waterworld, usually he's kinda dull and boring.

BUT, dragons bring more heat.

Things to remember:

- My Movie Battles are pitting up 2 movies that have the same feel, appeal to a similar audience, or share similar content. They won't always be completely alike in all areas.

-Polls close in 3 days.

- Choosing one doesn't mean the other sucks, so you better freakin choose!
Damnit Ninja!!

I'm over 6,000 posts now!!

I'm not a shit belt anymore
Waterworld is one of those movies I watch all the way through if I catch it on the TV. I have to go with Waterworld.
Gotta give it to Waterworld.

Good one, turtle.
Gotta go with Waterworld. Like others are saying... I just can't help but watch that movie whenever I see it on TV.
I like both films but I gotta go with Reign of Fire. Excellent replay value as well.
I enjoyed both of these movies, but there is just something fun about Reign of Fire that I'll flip the channel over whenever I see it on TV. I need to be in the mood to watch Waterworld.
Waterworld and it isn't even close. Reign of Fire sucked and swallowed
Two terrible movies... Weird battle. I'll say Waterworld as I believe it is the least shirtless of the two.
Waterworld is one of my most watched movies so i pick it.
Also, Dennis Hopper>>>>>Dragons
Waterworld isn't as bad as people say, but Reign of Fire still wins because Matthew McConoughey fights dragons and shit.
I had the pleasure or lack there of to see Waterworld in the movie theaters when it came out
why dont you let us know who won the other battles friend?
Not even close. Can watch Reign whenever its on. WW was just a curiousity.
definitely waterworld.

"we gotta keep an eye out... for that ichthy freak!"