Movie Battles 2.0 #22: Fallen Vs. The Devil's Advocate


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Jul 6, 2009
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Fallen (1998)

Synopsis: Det. John Hobbes is convinced that when killer Edgar Reese is executed, all of his troubles are over. But when people he knows and people on the street start to sing the same tune that Reese sang in the gas chamber, and those same people taunt him, he is told that maybe the cursed fallen angel Azazel is behind it all. Azazel is cursed to roam the Earth without a form, and he can switch bodies by any contact, making him hard to track. When Hobbes is forced to kill a man possessed by Azazel, he must clear his name while protecting his family and others from the evil, vengeful Azazel.

The Devil's Advocate (1997)

Synopsis: Defense attorney Kevin Lomax has never lost one single case. He is invited to New York to work for a big law firm ruled by senior board member John Milton, who showers him with wealth and feeds his vanity. Kevin's wife just wants to have a baby and is distressed by Kevin always being on a case and never at home. She starts to lose her grip on reality - or so it seems. Kevin Lomax is about to find out about his true heritage and the grand scheme John Milton is running from his penthouse apartment.

I take Devils Advocate by split decision.

Things to remember:

- My Movie Battles are pitting up 2 movies that have the same feel, appeal to a similar audience, or share similar content. They won't always be completely alike in all areas.

-Polls close in 3 days.

- Choosing one doesn't mean the other sucks, so you better freakin choose!
fallen all the way. i only saw some of the devil's advocate, and i did not care for it at all.
Been a while since I've seen Fallen, but I love me some Pacino in Advocate.
Fallen for me. Keanu was terrible in DA and Pacino overplayed the role.
Don't feel strongly about either one but I enjoyed The Devil's Advocate more than Fallen.

Plus, nudity from Theron and Nielsen automatically gives it an edge against Fallen.
Devil's Advocate all the way. I thought the premise behind Fallen was ridiculous. It kinda reminded me of a game of freeze tag.
Vanity...definitely my favorite sin
Tough one. Fallen is solid and underrated but I've still got Devil's advocate by a nose.
The Devil's Advocate is decent but forgettable, whereas Fallen is a criminally underrated, brilliant supernatural noir thriller in league with Angel Heart (which is a legit masterpiece, IMO).

Fallen all the way.
This is hard for me to choose since I love both movies. Fallen has several of my favorite actors in Denzel, Goodman, Gandolfini, and Koteas. But The Devil's Advocate has Al Pacino, and Charlize and Connie Nielson both show the goods. Hell, I think both of them even end with The Rolling Stones...

Time is on my side, yes it is. Im going with Fallen.
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Pacino killed it in The Devil's Advocate
Devil's advocate, because Keanu Reeves actually is supernatural maybe even the son of the devil.
I've seen Devil's Advocate so many times. I love it. Going with that one.
I've seen Devil's Advocate so many times. I love it. Going with that one.

Me too. Love that movie!! All big roles are played and/or written greatly.
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DA is great and a fun ride, but I just think Fallen is the better movie.