mouthgaurd causing pain?


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Sep 18, 2003
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So I got my first mouthgaurd about a month ago. The shockdoctor? Put it in hot water, molded it. The first few times it fit ok, but I left it in my gear bag for about a week without using it. Last night i put it in and it felt like the whole gaurd had shrunk. DIdn't fit at all. I still wore it but now my jaw's are aching.

Anyone else have this experience?
lonewolf_454 said:
tried that... didn't really work. it's like the whole mouthpiece shrank.

i guess u will have to buy a new one. or re-boil it and cool it down with cold water directly.
i have that mouth piece and it is just very uncomfortable. i dont know why really i went and bought a different one.
Towsonwrestling said:
i use the brain pad............
brain pads are the best mouth guards imo. they are almost as good as custom fit ones and are a lot cheaper. also they help you take shots to the chin a lot better.