Motoya vs Nascimento had some of the best grappling ever in MMA

Discussion in 'Worldwide MMA Discussion' started by EndlessCritic, Dec 29, 2016.

  1. EndlessCritic

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    Dear UFC, please sign Motoya immediately.

    Here is my play by play of what happened in this amazing fight:

    Much of the first round saw Nascimento on top of Motoya. Motoya used a very high level guard to largely negate the striking of Nascimento, with Nascimento's best moment on top coming with an early D'Arce attempt.

    Motoya however ultimately caught Nascimento in an omoplata off of knee on biceps. From the omoplata, Nascimento rolled out, and Motoya attempted to back step into a triangle, however Nascimento gets his shin inside and moves to single leg x. Nascimento fails on the sweep, and Motoya moves to the back. From the back, Motoya attempted to move to the truck, but abandoned it, and ultimately ended up in top half. From top half he was able to lock in a japanese necktie, where he delivered some brutal knees. From the japanese necktie, Nascimento manages to threaten an armbar, forcing Motoya to posture. From there, Nascimento sat up for the sweep, and Motoya latched on to a tight guillotine to close the round.

    Round 2 starts, and both guys are throwing bombs. Warren declares that this one isn't going to the ground, and then Nascimento shoots and immediately gets Motoya down. From there, it's more of the same as round 1, with Motoya largely negating Nascimento from the bottom.

    From there, it's magic. Motoya locks on a deep gogoplata, which Nascimento defends by moving forward. Motoya transitions by attacking the omoplata on the other arm. Nascimento rolls, and Motoya backsteps to a triangle, however Nascimento keeps his chin tucked preventing Motoya's leg from clearing his head. Motoya drops to guard and latches on to a deep guillotine, which he ends up nearly finishing twice, with Nascimento being saved by the bell as Motoya had a high elbow guillotine from mount.

    Seriously this better than Tanaka/Kang (2015's best grappling contest) by a wide margin. I honestly feel bad for people who don't understand grappling, and can't appreciate the beauty of this fight.
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  2. Asurah

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    UFC has already repeatedly told Motoya that there is no room for him on the roster, I think he's committed to RIZIN at this point unless UFC offers a lucrative contract.

    It's a shame because he's always entertaining and one of the best grapplers in the division, at least Flyweight is one of the divisions with a lot of depth outside the UFC so he should be able to continue getting good competition. I definitely wouldn't mind seeing Wada and Motoya close out their trilogy.
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  3. kingcillo24

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    I would like to see him improve on his stand up and make sure 135 is the right weight class for him.
  4. manboy<3

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    Dec 26, 2015
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    I liked the way he set up all the variations of the shoulder lock not to pose a submission threat but to use it as a controlling tool to set up other submissions

    That was something that I always wondered why that kind if grappling is always absent from MMA and I think we got an awesome exhibition of it in this fight

    For me that was the best grappling I have seen all year by a mile
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  5. chunglii

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    one of the best grappling fights I've ever seen. How did he survive that guillotine?!

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  6. JkMMA

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    Fun fight. Motoya got koed on his rizin debut tho. He was winning the whole time until boom! Ko.
  7. Fullmount Triangle

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    Jan 17, 2016
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    Outer Heaven
    Motoya is really good. I really hope on a future rizin card or deep card he fights Tatsumitsu Wada, who fought earlier in the night. They have split wins with one another, and both looked very good last night.
  8. Broken_MattHardy

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    Dec 17, 2016
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    jason miller vs souza was better grappling match hahaha

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