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Most Powerful MMA images from 2012


General Shenanigans
Oct 29, 2010
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Which images from 2012 will still be posted here years from now?

There have been plenty of iconic moments, such as this :


Post what you think were are the most powerful, iconic and historically important MMA images from 2012!

It could be something that simply looks cool, or a photo that sums up an important storyline from the year.
The UFC returns to Japan at the Saitama super arena, host to many legendary Pride events:


Would be better if the octagon was set up though
Well it's pretty big moment in UFC history don't you think? First Womens champ and all

depends on who you ask

It'd be more legit if she actually fought to be the first Women's UFC champ, but then again the talent level in the division is a joke to begin with....do they even have enough top fighters to make a top ten list?