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Oct 25, 2005
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Hey i got an early wrestling match tomarrow, i have to get there by 8:30 and the match is probably gonna start at around 10-12. When should i wake up, and what should i eat? I'm thinking of waking up at like 6:30, warmup jog then eating some oatmeal. Weighing in at about 8:45-9:00 then what should i eat after that?
On fight days I like to eat something filling, like steak and potatoes (but I use sweet potatoes) and maybe some steamed broccoli. But that's just me. I like to feel charged and nourished.
He has to weigh in though.

How much are you cutting weight? That's what is going to determine what and how much you can eat. I used to not eat anything until after weigh-ins, but I was cutting a good amount. If you can eat whatever you want, then just have a normal breakfast.
Tap - He asked what he should eat after the weigh-in. At least that was my perception of him saying the weigh-in time and asking "then what should I eat?"
well i was asking in general what kind of foods should i be eating throughout the morning, i'd assume a normal oatmeal breakfast. then i need a help with what i should eat after the weighin, and then something for quick energy?