more training = less injuries?


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Jul 15, 2005
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when i started doing bjj i could only go like twice a week because of all the sprains/bruises and other minor injuries i kept getting now i picked up my schedule and go 3 occasionally 4x/week and i noticed i'm not really getting injured much anymore ever though i roll much harder now then i did in the beginning "knock on wood" ... is this a common thing for injuries to go down as you train more or am i just gettin lucky?
your body goes through a giant change when beginning any type of ground use muscles you never had to before. so yes in my experience the body gets stronger joints,muscles everything. its kinda like when you first started to work out, the sorest your muscles would ever be are in those first few months and then you just pick up with the pace.
Ya, listen to the body, it knows whats up. Taking time off to rest can help your game just as much as training hard. Eat and sleep well also, this is how you build up quickly after training.
Thats very true, you definetly get injured less. Only up to a point though, one of the signs of overtraining is having injuries like the ones you described start to come back, even though you're in shape.
IT all has to do with experience, you learn your weak points and you self compensate.

Say you have a bad shoulder, most people willt ap when that shoulder is even remotely close to a submission that could cause injury. As well as you know when people are making a move with a sub and you know when your caught.

When you first start subs are comming from all over the place and you dont know you ass from your ear so you try to fight through it all. A little more experience and your able to react faster to whats comming at you. Which in the end = less injurys

Happy training.