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Moraga looking impressive again!


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Jan 4, 2012
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Was a close fight but i think Moraga was winning it just, then locks in a sort of standing D'arce against the cage.

Looking forward to his next fight.
I had him 2 rounds down.

But he got the finish so it doesn't matter.
he was down 2 rounds. nice finish, but he showed some serious holes in his games.
I also had him down 2 to none, but I'm a fan so I'm glad that he pulled it off.
Idk why when Cariaso's corner asked him what's wrong he said "He's (Moraga) is running"

Im glad he got choked out just for that reason lol. He was the one backing up majority of the time
I also had him down two rounds. He definitely has holes to work on, but he definitely has potential.