Mod request to have JustBleed flexing Lemur added to sherdog's own section of emoticons

I don't know the one you're talking about.
See below
Can you like, post the thing you want?
It is posted below in @StonedLemur quote and it would appear @Arqueto says he can make it.

He wants this I right @jeff7b9 ?


@Nathan LaMontagne
<PlusJuan> that one
The Church of JUST BLEED finds this lack of consultation before altering the sacred imagery questionable, and may launch an Inquisition into the matter ...
The Noghri will be dispatched to ascertain the truth regarding these clandestine movements
Is that you without the beard?

yes, I know it's a shoop.

Yes sir, it's from the documentary about Woodstock 99 on Netflix.

With 13:23 left in the first episode the guy says it was like a crazy human zoo and then they show my interview...well 10 or so seconds of it lol
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You know I am.
Lemur is the coolest fucking sherbro on here. I can’t imagine a better inductee into the “sherdogs own” emoticon category with the talented arquetto’s just bleed edits.

Damn sir I almost blushed liked a little girl reading a love note lol.
Thanks, I appreciate that honestly.