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Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment Discussion' started by jacksonC, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. jacksonC Guest

    Ordered some gears & t-shirts from Mmaoverload! Some items were fine but 2 items were of the wrong size n wrong design! Wrote an email to the customer service, took forever to reply but was able to get a store credit, not bad! I used the store credit to placed a new order again, paid for shipping charges but had never received them. Wrote to them again after 2 weeks, it took them forever to reply again but finally replied saying the stuff I ordered was out of stocks! I didn't want to use them again so I ask them to do a call tag n refund on the wrong items of the previous order as well as refunding the shipping charges of my new order that I paid for! They replied saying that they are unable to refund the shipping charges of my new order!! I dont understand their nonsense as they re refusing to refund the shipping charges that I paid for my new orders when they didn't ship out my items at all! Anyone thinking of ordering from them, think again!
  2. Georgie1972 White Belt

    Dec 3, 2012
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    If you paid with CC, call to your bank and explain the situation, you may be able to make a partial chargeback.
  3. dalieu Yellow Belt

    Aug 31, 2010
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    Sorry to hear. I would also contact your CC to see what they can do.
  4. jacksonC Guest

    Thanks guys, I will contact the cc company!

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