[MMA'ers]-How do you structure your Workout/MMA for the week?? *curious*


May 3, 2003
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Just wondering how everyone who does MMA structures their workouts with their MMA..
Personally, Im still trying to find a balance and well, something that will work for me, but right now (with varying experimentation) it looks like this:

Monday - Kickboxing 2 hours [Weightlifting Morning]
Tuesday - BJJ 3 hours (2x 1 1/2 hour splits, morning and night)
Wednesday - Kickboxing 2 hours [Weightlifting, Morning]
Thursday - BJJ 1 1/2 hours
Friday - BJJ 1 1/2 hours
Sat - Open Mat BJJ training
Sunday - [Weightlifting]

Really thats all Im managing to fit in.. Im thinking of upping weightlifting to Thursday as well.. Its overall, very tiring.. but I really can't get enough of it :D BJJ leaves me very dead, at this point im rolling nonstop with my BJJ to try and speed up my game.. I see my week as pretty cardio intense, so I'm eating as much as i can, as often as I can, so i can still try and make gains off my weightlifting, another note.. I just recently started weightlifting again.. I've lost 15-20lbs since i stopped a year ago, but since theres a gym nearby now Im back again.. though with this setup its gonna be hard T.T

I'd love to see everybodys setup!!
(I also work Fri/Sat nite Bar.. lonnnng nightshifts, so Fri and Sat i keep relatively low intensity)

that seems a hell of a lot of training. I would badly overtrain on that scheduel and not recover one bit. Mine is as follows

Monday- day off
Tuesday- Muay thai 1 1/2 hours
Wednesday- Muay thai 1 1/2 hours
Thursday- Weights 1 hour plus light half hour run after
Fri- Muay thai 1 hour
Saturday - muay thai 2 hours
Sunday- rest

That seems to work really well for me.
Monday-Pull day
Tuesday-2 hrs Judo
Wednesday-Press day + 2 hrs Judo
Thursday-2 hrs Judo + 2 hrs Sombo
Friday-Squat day
Saturday-2 hrs Vale tudo + 2 hrs Judo
mon: weight training
tue: weights am boxing PM
wed: BJJ
thu: weights am sub wrestling pm
fri: weights am BJJ pm
sat: GPP training or judo
sun: rest or muay thai
I give you mad props if you keep that schedule up man. Mine is
Monday: Weights AM Boxing PM 1 1/2hrs
Tuesday: Boxing 1 1/2hrs
Wednesday: Weights
Thursday: Sub Wrestling 1 hr
Friday: Weights
Saturday: Sub Wrestling 1 1/2hrs
SUnday: Rest
Alot of times i miss a class though. I feel like a slacker but there isnt no hurry for me to become UFC champ or nothin. Lookin at your setup makes me feel like a tub of shit though heh thanks.
lol well.. i dunno, i seriously just love wrestling/BJJ, so its more like a leisure thing than pure training. which is a big plus IMO :D
Monday: MT 1.5 hs weights
Tuesday: MT 1.5 hs weights
Wednesday: MT 1.5 hs weights
Thursday: MT 2.5 hs sprints
Friday: MT 2.5 hs running
Saturday: mma 1.5 hs running
SUnday: MT 1.5 hs sprints
At the moment I only lift weights with an occasional sparring session. Though my MMA schedule used to look like this:

Mondag: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Tuesday: Vale Tudo
Wednesday: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Thursday: Vale Tudo
Friday: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Saturday: Submission Wrestling
Sunday: REST
Monday - Rest
Tuesday - Weights
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - Weights
Friday - Muay Thai (2 hours)
Saturday - Weights
Sunday - Muay Thai (2 hours)

If I had any more than just the 2 classes I'd probably only lift twice a week, most peoples schedules are just too busy to lift 3 times a week. I'm thinking of adding in a cardio session on one of the off days at some point, but I've only started Muay Thai recently so I'll wait a while to settle into my current routine.
Wednesday:BJJ & Weights
Saturday:Bjj/NHB & Weights
Sunday:Rest/light conditioning
Just a boxer, but incase you're wondering anyways:

("skill work" is basically what would be done at the gym with the exception of focus pads and sparring)

Monday - light skill work/sandbag work
Tuesday - Boxing gym 2 hours
Wednesday - Lifting
Thursday - Boxing gym 2 hours
Friday - Skill work and conditioning
Saturday - Lifting + light plyometrics (eventually will progess to complex training)
Sunday - Skill work conditioning

something like that