MMA moves technically sound for MMA?

Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by Venom, Jul 30, 2016.

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    What does RDA and Lawler getting stunned by swinging outside hooks, for that matter, Aldo getting downed easily tell you about MMA boxing? Is it just too intertwined with the grappling and clinching and kicking to avoid stuff like that?

    Yes the talent is more concentrated and wider in scope, however is it merely the case that in MMA, moves from other arts just flow in a different way in the cage?

    Overeem, Shevchenko, and Cormier for example have done great applying their pure skills but still lose from time to time.

    I know this topic may have been done to death already but hey I'm wondering if the current UFC champions really are just THAT good...
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    For one thing, the gloves in boxing are so big that they absorb a lot of the damage and offer much more coverage.

    It's easier to get caught by a wild looping hook or a overhand with small little gloves.

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