MMA gear has new website/ management


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Jun 14, 2004
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Just like many others on this site I have had problems with I went to there website today and saw that they have a brand new site and are saying that they are under new management. This seems to good to be true. They had the best selection on hte web.
Same piece of shit in a new package. They have destroyed their credibility ten times over. They need to start a new company with a new name to salvage anything left.
you know, it wouldnt be that their service was half the time substandard, and shitty customer service, but the fact that they used to post here, then would IGNORE half of the order complaints in there own threads, as if nothing was wrong.

i'm with Brandinho, I believe in second chances, but this is just same shit, new package. Which is a shame cause they have a nice inventory of items

What did they do to earn this rep? PS I cannot search :(
All the above it totally true. We were asked to become MMAGear and turned it down after discovering much we wouldn't want to be involved in including some of the stuff listed above.

Its interesting that there is absolutely no mention of location on the site. The claim to be the biggest is there but the only brand in there is MMAGear itself and old stock at that.

We were stung by MMAGear selling us fake goods and then encouraging us to sell it to the public.... needless to say we didn't.
It looks like that site was made in germany , not sure if he is based out in Brazil , does not say anything. Per our suppliers , MMAGear sold his inventory to someone else , or he is trying to establish a new reputation.
The site is registered in Germany now.... the interesting thing is that all the products advertised are for 'pre-order'... they aren't even made yet!

If another company has bought out Bruno/MMAgear then anyone who has an outstanding claim should be able to make that claim to the new company and, if it is a German company, then European law will make it difficult for the new company to resist it. When a company buys another company, they tend to buy all the inventory, "good-will" AND debts and creditors! Lol.... this should be fun.
THere's some lads at my club who will be most happy to receive the gear they're still waiting for.

PS Roy you have PM
People should just not buy from mmagear. full stop
I will never ever again purchase from MMAgear.

I have a lot of respect for RFW guys since my experience with them. Awesome customer service. So if I have to buy any brazilian brand BJJ/MMA related stuff, I will go after them.
Yea we have so many awesome sellers on this site why mess with anyone else who is questionable. Hats off to you felles, thanks for making the MMA world a better place :D