MMA full power recommendations ?



some classmates and me, we are up to after our bjj sesion to throw to each other some punches and kicks! so

gloves : either Combat Sports Training MMA Gloves or TRUTH MMA Training Glove or Cageside MMA Safety Training Gloves ! we are looking for the one with the more pudding

headgear: we want the maximum protection we can get cause occasionally some can get overexcited and im thinking something like this
even though searching around is popping up alot Air Max training Headgear. we looking for full head protection

shin guard : i hvnt seen any other than Combat sports Amateur Grappling Shin-Instep Guards (here we dnt care so much)
I have that headgear, and I throw headbutts and elbows too, so that cage is really effective for that. What you cannot do with that headgear though is apply a choke...just too bulky...or my arms are too big :rolleyes:
I would go with the Combat Sports training gloves(they have several different kind)

On the headgear, I would use a face-saver style of headgear rather than the cage. I'm not sure if the cage will be good on your may tear up your gloves.

as far as shinguards, I would use the Combat Sports grappling shinguards. They will be the best if you ever decide to grapple with them on.