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mma fighters really heavy


Nov 16, 2012
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ok so im huge fan of tv and mma sad i know but what ever. i just started working out and stuff last week. i just want to know why are mma fighters so heavy. ill let you compare. nick diaz 6 foot 1 fights a 170 cuts from around 180. so actor stephan amell (green arrow) is also 6 1 and weighs 180 but lets compare the 2 they look not even close to the same.

p.s i dont know how to upload pics

same with lets say grey maynard who is 5'8 and fights a 155 and is huge for the weight class in guessing he weighs 175 at least but actor dustin clare (gannicus from spartacus) same height weighs 163.

im just wondering why this is and how i can look like the actors
im just wondering why this is and how i can look like the actors

I was going to take a shot at answering the question, but then I read this.

I'm out.
Having met a few TV actors at events a few years ago I'm guessing the actors look a lot different without lighting, effects and so on. Plus most are all upper body and skinny legs.
I'm also going to guess that the distinction between the relative amounts of myofibrial and sarcoplasmic hypertrophy may be contributing, as well as diets that are geared toward maximizing apparent size (for actors) versus maximizing power relative to size (for fighters).

...and also a strong lower body generally isn't very important for a tv/movie star.

Edit: I notice you posted the same thing in the S+C forums, and those guys have handled the issue pretty completely. So there you go.
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im just wondering why this is and how i can look like the actors

because they cut weight, diaz probably walks at 180-190 but cuts to 170 for the weigh ins.
Just came here to say that the series Green arrow sucks. I mean...stop ripping off Batman in the worst possible way! -.-'
Athletes have big strong hamstrings, erectors and glutes. Pretty boys focus on much lighter biceps/delts/pecs/abs.

A powerful posterior chain wont get you in movies or the cover of Mens Fitness, but it can get you the UFC hw belt.

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