MMA Culture is sided with Companies, and against MMA fighters wanting better Pay

Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by TheApotheosis**, May 12, 2014.

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    This is the way it looks to me.

    Guys like the Diaz bro's are ridiculed for wanting better pay from the $3.5 billion worth company, even tho the diaz bros are perhaps the essence of what Ultimate Fighting really is so they deserve great pay.

    Anytime fighter pay comes up, everyone says that they are getting paid fine.....even tho if you sum up the whole Fighters Salaries in a year, it probably is not more than what Floyd gets in one fight which is around $30 million.

    There is something wrong with the pay when 1 boxer does more than your whole roster in one fight.

    I understand MMA is new and growing but the success of the UFC is very big. They are a money making machine.

    UFC is way bigger than GoldenBoyPromotions and whatever help Showtime provided, but yet Goldenboypromotions pays way better.

    Canelo:6-12 million
    Alfredo Angulo: $750,000

    Leo Santa Cruz: $500,000
    Cristian Mijares: $92,000.

    Carlos Molina: $275,000
    Jermall Charlo: $100,000.

    Jorge Linares: $50,000
    Nihito Arakawa: $ 50,000

    For a 350k PPV Card, (the no names got paid pretty damn good)....Sure there is more MMA fights in one card..So Add up their whole pay, then compare it to a 350k PPV UFC card, and you will see it's not even close to boxer pay...Hell Canelo beat GSP according to Rogans numbers, and GSP sells way more PPV's.

    So the Diaz bro's have a can Leo Santa Cruz get $500k but Nick Diaz, somebody more famous/ in a way richer promotion not get more than that? But yet the MMA fans ridicule them for not wanting to fight.

    It's not just the fans who side with UFC.

    Most MMA fighters come from nonmoney sports like BJJ/Wrestling/JUDO/Karate/etc. So I feel most MMA Fighters feel lucky that the UFC exist that they can make a decent living out of it.

    This is why most MMA fighters ass kiss the UFC, it's not just because it's the #1 org but because they truly feel lucky that they can make a living....Prizefighters aka boxers don't just want to make a living, they want to make that Tyson/Mayweather money.


    @31:45, Dana White mentions how he is against paying fighters ($20-$40 million) aka boxer pay...He mentions the pay ruined boxing because it made boxers fight a boring fight that they just managed to win.

    Obviously he is referring to Floyd Mayweather, claiming he does just enough to win which is BS, he usually wins by a huge margin. Mike Tyson got paid that much as well, and he was exciting as hell...Pacquiao is exciting as hell too...So dana's logic is clearly flawed.

    His example is "Imagine if you made $37 million guranteed!, you wouldn't care about your school/job".

    So According to Dana, you shouldn't pay fighters too much because you want them to be incentivize.

    So I guess never expect more than $5-$8 million for top PPV dont want them to be too rich, you want them to stay hungry

    The UFC knows how passive MMA fighters are about pay so they take advantage of them by paying them peanuts.

    The UFC knows the Fans are a bunch of sheep who are on the side of the company living their ArmChair CEO dream defending the UFC every move of screwing the fighters over.

    So why should the UFC change? The MMA culture is all sided for the greedy business.
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  2. Pliny Pete

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    Mar 4, 2014
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    Taco Truck On The Corner
    UFC probably has alot more overhead than Golden Boy
    Not taking sides just saying thats something to consider too
  3. You're wasting your time even thinking about it. The posters here live vicariously through Dana White and are pseudo-businessmen who like to side with the big company and point their fingers at all the idiots and say "shutup" right after Dana says it. Not wanting to support the fighters you are fans of, but rather than corporation that enslave them is absolutely absurd, however we will never know why they act this way so it's a waste of mental resource.
  4. DaGenius

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    May 25, 2008
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    People are going to agree or disagree on all aspects of mma here. Thats fine. The one thing I've never understood, TS, is why people are so aggressive and vociferous about their support of Dana/ownership over the fighters that we watch for our enjoyment. When this topic comes up people get so angry and defend the UFC as if they are the UFC. It's always been amazing to me. If you think fighters are paid enough or something similar thats's just that they talk about fighters getting more money like its just a ridiculous proposition

    Oh well
  5. TheComebackKid

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    Jul 16, 2007
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    Its called math TS
  6. Cygnus-X

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    Why doesn't boxers get paid as well as formula 1 drivers?
  7. lfd0311

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    Hijacking threads
    Companies are concerned with making money? WHO'HAVE THUNK IT?!?!?!?!?!?!
  8. RawDawgBob

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    ABQ, New Mexico
    I agree.............but it's going to be a very long time before it changes so why worry about it?
  9. SeattleFightFan

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    who is "MMA Culture"? are they a clothes company or something?
  10. countswagula

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    If fighters want a bigger slice of the profits, they need to get involved with the promotion. As simple as that.
  11. ligthandshadow

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    Home of the Homeless
    Compare MMA fighters pay to professional wrestlers and tennis players, both of which have a higher rate of injury than MMA surprisingly.
  12. grecobjj

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    in a house
    Fighters getting more pay- ok with me
    FIFTY FUCKING Threads a week about fighters getting more pay- and STFU

    Diaz and every other fighter who signed a contract should HONOR their contract

    Your argument is basically an ethical one: "the ufc makes a lot of money" and should distribute it evenly between the fighters and the organization........I respectfully disagree
    Giving every fighter what that fighter thinks he's worth is foolish, and could easily spiral out of control.
    You are paid based on your performance- gsp andy silva brock bj penn jones bendo chael cain jds all have two things in common- they all PERFORM and NONE bitch about what they earn

    The UFC'S only ethical standard as a buisness should be to MAKE MONEY....they're succeeding

    Diaz and every other fighter who WHINES about the CONTRACTS they SIGNED .....can FUCK OFF
  13. spid3yo

    spid3yo Guest

    This is stupid...of course we all support the fighters. The problem arises when fans want to talk about money and financials:

    -without knowing any of the UFC's financials...which we don't, it's all speculation
    -without taking any business aspects into the equation
    -making up facts to get their point over
    -making shitty comparisons to other companies/sports/athletes
  14. ThatBJJGuy

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    Mar 29, 2012
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    Pretty much I'd love for the fighters to get paid more. I don't want it at the expense of the UFC going under like all these other promotions do though.

    Since I don't know anything about UFC financials I can't even begin to complain one way or the other.
  16. t00br00tal

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    la luna
    Your point being we should pay professionals based on injury rate?
  17. I'm sure some posters do that, but just as many have a strange loyalty to the brand and act is if they have stock in the company or work for the UFC(hell, I'm sure a few posters here actually do). No one would be able to tell me with a straight face that posters here don't back the company over the fighter, a majority of posts you see when it boils down to fighter pay has more people backing the UFC than they do the fighter. I've actually seen posters offended at how much some fighters make, it's truly sickening.
  18. Great video, thanks for posting. It's sad when Bob Arum is right about something, that's how you know there really is a problem.
  19. spid3yo

    spid3yo Guest

    Nah it really goes both ways, but both sides can be equally absurd.

    Now do you want to debate fighter pay legitimately , or just talk about the fans who do?
  20. IngaVovchanchyn

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    A very smart three sentences. I agree with each one.

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